help: inexpensive reciever for outsie speakers

I have downsized my entire entertainment center. Smaller area inside I run B&W CM9 S2's with a Krell S-300i and OPPO BDP-105. I have a set of PSB CS1000's for my exterior and looking for an inexpensive but quality output receiver. I do not want to drop a lot of dinero on a receiver for the outside. Looking for something 100-120 watt two channel. I'm looking for suggestions, the Krell gives the PSB clarity, is there a lower budget receiver I could use and get close to the same results? Thank you in advance.
if you don't plan to use more than one source outside, than Crown XLS 402 will do the nice job for outside speakers.
it has volume control on each channel which is another advantage setting up speakers outside.
If you're just looking for a reasonably priced receiver for the patio or garage, you won't have a problem. There are tons of them for sale on C*list. Everyone wants an HDMI connection and they put up their "vintage" units for sale at pennies on the dollar. Look carefully, find a Yamaha, Denon or McIntosh and you'll never look back.
Teac AG-790 PartsExpress $119.00. You need nothing more than that for outside speakers.
I also have an outside system though it is no where as ‘high end’ as my primary one. During the spring - fall months I listen more often to the outside one. Sounds great outdoors! It is also used indoors and placed outdoors for listening sessions.

I believe high end is about the approach one takes and I used the same approach in developing both systems. Balance the budget across all quality components.

I agree with Tonykay that there are many dated (~10 years old) quality HT receivers on the used market that can make for a reasonable 2-channel system for your purpose. They usually sell for ~25% of original retail. I believe this approach to be better than the purchase of a cheap mass market receiver.

I take it from your OP you are interested in FM and wish to compliment the PSBs in a way that the Krell does. If that is true a better approach might be to out a used 5-10 year old 2-channel receiver. They are likely to provide better FM reception and higher sound quality.

Regardless of the HT or 2-C approach, models from Yamaha, Rotel, Dennon, Onkyo would qualify. There are others, search Ebay and AG for specific make/model then web for user thoughts.

I am not familiar with your PSBs (however have heard many other PSBs and have enjoyed them).

How important is FM?
What other source will you use?
What is your budget range?
Do you really need 100+ watts?

Sorry, it seems I have rambled and not offered much advice. I am however interested in your quest as I believe a quality outdoor system can be had on a budget. Would be glad to exchange more info with you in it.
@ all worked out, took me long enough to respond, huh? *laffs
Ended up dropping an HK 2-channel out there. Worked out good considering the hot tub is usually running too :)
HK made some quality receivers. Glad to hear you are set.