Help in upgrading monitors.

I'm upgrading from my JM Focal 906 monitors, and I'd appreciate any input from a-gonners. I love the Focal sound, and I'm currently considering Focal Micro Utopias, Revel Ultima Gem or Gem 2, Zingali Overture 2- Omniray, and I'd love to hear other strong speakers in the 3-6K range used.

I run a BAT integrated amp and listen to all kinds of music, but really zone in on acoustic jazz, folk, and chamber music.

Any help, input, questions are very much appreciated.

The Rustler
I have the Mini Utopias, Spendor Sp-1 and S 100s. I would look for a pair of the Minis, mine have the titanium rather than the beryllium tweeter but am not sure that I don't prefer it.

Dali Helicon 300 MKII - Hybrid Tweeter-Ribbon Combo
Harbeth Super HL5 - Nature midrange with a great sound and easy to drive

I get plenty of bass out of my Helicon 300 and the ribbon-combo is just sweet when playing a lot of percussion. I choose Dali over the Mini Utopias by a slight edge. The Harbeth Super HL5 I audition after purchasing my Dalis which makes your choose even more difficult.
Have you considered Focal Twin 6 actives - they are probably Focal's best selling least in the pro world.
Merlin,good luck,Bob
I was a JM labs Mini Utopia owner for many years. I really liked these speakers. The only area I didn't like was the tendency for some harshness and sibilance on poorer recordings. I went to full size Avalon speakers which fixed my issues with the Mini's. That being said I listened to other monitors and really liked the sound of the Harbeth products. They were very musical and not analytical.
Goose makes a good point about the Focal’s, but if you can tame them down, they’re very rewarding. I went from Usher BE 718’s to Focal BE Micro Utopia’s. The Usher’s sound twice their size and are incredibly musical. The Focal’s are unforgiving with poor recordings. After upgrading my sub to a JL Audio f112 connected with a Synergistic Subwoofer cable, the Focal’s are singing sweet music. I mention the subwoofer cable becasue it made a big difference.
thanks all. Ended up changing completely and getting Martin Logan Spires!
hey, Rogers LS3 are so musical. Give them an audition if you can.
Second Usblues's Merlin suggestion.
There are many good choices that have already been mentioned and lots more out there that might work well, ranging from Sonus Faber to Acoustic Zen to ProAc, etc. etc. But a word of caution re: Zingali. I own the floorstanding Overture 3. It's a wonderful speaker and very easy to drive which allows a wide range of choices in amplification - should you decide to check out SETs, for instance. However, the speakers do tend to sound "hard" when SPLs go up and - more importantly - the foam driver surrounds will deteriorate with time. The former issue is commonplace, but the Zingalis are a bit more extreme than most IME. The surround thing is a real PITA.

I had a pair of Mini Utopias for a while. They sounded nice with lots of detail, but I agree with Goose that they had a tendency to be a bit on the harsh side. They just didn't go as deep as I would've liked them to. I brought my Twin 6 Actives up from my studio and enjoyed those much more. I then bought a pair of SP Technology Timepiece 3.0 (now Aether Audio) and I'm not looking back. These are the most musically appealing speakers I have ever heard. They run about 5.4k new.