Help in Speaker Selection

Hello everyone- I am considering a move from the Maggie 12's (w/powered sub)to the 3.6's. Before doing that, I'm wondering what other similar speakers I should be considering in that same price range (under or around $5000 retail), and perhaps something with a larger "sweet spot" and/or slightly better bass. Bi-amp or bi-wire is a future consideration. Room size is 17x23 w/ 10' ceiling.

Please include power requirements along with any speaker recommendations.

Jim, what are you driving these speakers with (i.e. amp)? Or intending to drive them with? Cheers
Greg- Currently driving them with Counterpoint SA-220. I included a request for power requirements along with speaker suggestions as i realize that some have experience with certain amp/speaker combos. Looking for speaker recommendations similar to the the Maggies and don't want to leave any stones unturned.

If you can leave the panels behind, take a good listen
to the WB Arcs- retail $3.6k w/stands.

Don't be fooled into thinking bigger is better.

If you want more bass, there are Talon Ravens & Khorus speakers listed on audiogon in your price range that will
smoke any maggie ever built.
For my two cents you might consider some of the piega p8ltds up for sale. The midrange and up is superb due to ribbons, the base is far better to my old maggies (which were the smaller smgs). Power requirements are not outragous and should go fine with the counterpoint, I use the nuvista m3. There are some good deals to be had new and used because of some new models being introduced. If any questions drop me note.
I join the others' recommendations to ALSO look at other speakers (the Piega could be a favourite). NOT because the 3.6 is not up to the task -- just that, in my limited experience, it uses a lot of power to open up at both frequency extremes.

A speaker sporting ribbons should make you feel at home with the sound (open, "airy", fast) after yr maggies.
Definitely Reference 3A MM de CAPOS- 92dB, cavernous soundstage. Small SETs, and/or sub 120 wpc amps. If needed add a SV Subwoofer and you've got a killer speaker system for less then $3300. If interested, I can provide you with a copy of my 2 year review.
Although out of your price range, used Verity Audio Parsifals sport an amazingly quick 8" woofer and magical 5" mid, nearly equalling ribbons speed and coherence.
Cheaper favorites of mine are the Revel F50 and F30, and the Ariel 7b and 8, although the midranges of the Revels are better than the Aeriels....
Thanks for your responses. I took a look at the suggestions and it appears that either the price is way high of the $5000 retail mark (some as high as $15,000!!) or are small monitors that I fear would struggle in a mid-sized room. I am looking for speakers like Maggies that have a stronger mid-range, lots of soundstage and "air", but a bigger "sweet spot" and perhaps a bit more bass. Input about hybrids such as ML, Innersound Eros, etc as well as panel-only makes are of particular interest, although I am open to others.

Jim... I have heard the Innersound Eros once at the NYC show in May. I was highly impressed. It is what HP described in his review. Take a listen if you can!