Help in SACD problem

I purchased a Telarc SACD called EPICs last evening. When I play this SACD my Paradigm PDR-12 Rumbles before the SACD begins playing and then afterwards I get no base at all. Has anyone ever ran into a situation like this. Can a new CD be a bad CD? On all of my other SACD's it plays well, but still not the punch that I would like. I am not sure how set the two knobs for I don't understand what each is for. The Paradigm is powered from the receiver. The business that I purchased it from has gone out of business.

I have 65W-75W(the manual states it depends on where it was made and I can't get to the back of it for it is in an enterainment center) channel powering mains (Polk LS 70's); polk center channel, two rear Kilpsch RB35's; and the sub. I can't afford the best like many of you have, but does the power the receiver puts out enough. I am no tech believe me. I just enjoy listening to my SACD's. Any response would be appreciated.-greg
From your description it appears to me that your surround setup may not be optimized to work with the way Telarc uses the various surround channels on SACD. Read Telarc's website to understand how they do it, and then check whether your system is set up to work with their requirements.

Telarc SACD page

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