Help in Houston..

Any GoNeRs in the houston area that could refer me to anyone that could help me setting up 2 home theaters for my house?budget around 15k for 7.1 and 10k for 5.1..since i am new to the houston area,i have no clue where to start.thanks
The only place I have experience is Audio Concepts. Home Theater Store and Tweeter have some good equipment, but I do not have much experience with them.

You can e-mail me if you have more questions.
try henry at at 281.313.7575. he just hosted the inaugural SW Texas audiophile club meeting and seems to have everything you'd need for video & installation.
or jim meine at epic audio at 713-667-2069. he's more audio but has some neat home theatre stuff.

both are great guys and would do you right.

btw, if you're in houston, shoot me an email off line as there's some other options for you.