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Hello im looking at a couple of options to drive my paradigm SA35v2fronts and surrounds, currently thinking on a used Arcam AVP plus a good amp, the other one being an anthem MDX700 for now and probably an external amp in the future, what would you recommend, i mostly listen to music and probably 30% to movies, the room is mid sized, and i currently don't know if i will be using the HDMI audio section that is not available on the Arcam pre

Arcam AVP's had some quality control issues, you might want to stay away from them. Not sure why you want a separate amp? The Anthem and any other decent AVR will have enough power for you.

If you are looking at listening to music mostly, you might consider NAD or Marantz.
Look here for the Emotiva UMC-1, excellent pre-pro with all the modern features. 4 year warranty left and priced under $600...

Not doubting Meiwan, but that's very, very surprising to hear.
I've owned more than one Arcam piece, and with 100% quality so far.
Maybe it was a blip, a moment...Personally, I'd buy with confidence--not only in the QC, but the sound quality as well.

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Emotiva units have issues that may or may not be resolved, just a heads up.............sometimes the deal is not as good as it appears to be. FIY is all.
Please lets not start some long winded Emotiva debate, problems have been well documented and I know some are rabid fans, the units may or may not have been cleansed of bugs and problems.
I think after a couple more reviews i might be leaning towards an anthem MDX 500 .. another in play might be marantz sr7005, as far as i ws able to read the Emotiva have some bugs in the firmware unfortunately that might take them out of the race, anybody that might expand on the topic of this ones?
Another little detail is that my local dealer does not have any MRX in stock at the moment..... currently everything is working at home .. but i got the bug.... and i cant stop thinking about this now
You simply cant go wrong with Anthem, dive in pal!
Well took the dive with an Anthem ....... lets see how that goes, i will probably get it today .....