Help in deciding USB cable

Been searching high and low on the net for some comparisons on a few USB cables I am interested in. It’s for my office setup. Between Black cat Silverstar, Shunyata Venom, Furutech GT2, Mapleshade Clearview, Supra which ones have you heard/experienced? Any recommendations! Setup: Dedicated Music Laptop to play Tidal > Intona USB Isolator > OPPO 105 USB DAC > KEF powered speakers 
See the product report at the link here.  Ridiculously high performance to cost ratio.  If you don't like 'em, you can afford to just throw them out.  On the other hand the seller does allow returns.  Good luck.
Triode Wire Labs makes some really nice cables that don't break the bank. They've finally come out with a USB cable and here is a review of it:

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Thanks for the response. Personally I believe that USB cables like other digital cables make a big difference in sound. I was really looking for some advice/suggestions on the cables I had listed in my post. Anyone? 
Ghulamr, sorry but I haven't any experience with the listed cables. I have beed researching Black cat cables, more so the ICs and speaker types. I agree with you that USB cables make a difference. It seems that it is how that 'difference' plays into one's system that is important.

Ghosthouse, thanks for the link. Think I will try one.

Ghulamr - I read "Any recommendations!" as opening the door to brands not listed.  While I have a Stereovox XV2 digital coax & Blackcat Silverstar 75, no experience with Chris's USB cable (or the others on your list).  

@mesch - You are welcome.  Hope you are as pleasantly surprised as I was.  


@ghosthouse thank you and I agree. I should have been more accurate. Black Cat Silverstar USB us really hard to come by - been looking but no luck. So for me it really comes down to the 2, Shunyata Venom and Supra USB. Confused between the two. 
ghulamr - are you US-based?  Both the Shunyata Venom & Supra Type I are  available on Amazon and that usually means a 30 day return period.
Music Direct also carries Shunyata products and they have a 60 day return policy.  The Cable Co. carries Shunyata as well but only a 10 day return. 

Looking at the prices of these two, I suspect the Monoprice Monolith will compete very well with them and possibly provide better sound.  Inhome audition is the best way to decide.