Help in choosing

Well, after being convinced not to repair my Jolida CD player, I thought I was going to go to media server with my Squeezebox into rDAC.
I thought I would get a low priced CD player to use into the rDAC and I got a Marantz CD5005 which sounded good on paper. Unfortunately I don't listen to paper :)
I also realize that I like to walk over to my wall of discs and look over it before choosing what to play, so I will use the CDP a good deal of the time.
Even running it through th rDAC, it is pretty unbearable. Rough sounding with instant listener fatigue.
Right now there is a SIM 260 floor model for $860 or I can get an OPPO 105 refurb (both with full warranties) for $960.
Any thoughts about these 2 players or other ideas under $1000.
I have had good luck with used in the past, but the transport I got used has been nothing but trouble. CDPs seem to be among the more troublesome pieces in the whole kit, so I think I want to go with something that is under warranty.
I seem to get the impression that the Cambridge Audio stuff has more than its share of problems.
I am open to thoughts.
I just read the latest TAS review on the Modwright Oppo 105 which would definitely do it but way over your $1k budget. It also mentioned that the stock Oppo 105 sounded etchy at times. The sound signature of your dac plays a huge role too. I'm not familiar with how your dac sounds, but I know some dace are tuned to sound HiFi or super detailed. My preference is more of a relaxed natural sound. So my recommendation is the MHDT Stockholm dac that is in your budget. It is a tube dac and can be tweaked to your liking. When I first heard it I thought it sounded to mushy and dull, but after switching tubes and vibrapod points underneath it transformed it into sonic bliss: huge soundstage, rich tones, lots of detail but no digital glare.
The rega Apollo CDP is considered very smooth and analog like. Maybe give that a try.
Don't forget that by exchanging the Jolida for the Marantz, you've removed tubes from your system and naturally the sonics will be affected.
I believe that the transport plays an important role with the DAC and the Marantz should be acceptable; are you using the Coax output from the CDP?

The rDAC may not be up to the task and this may be where your problem lies.
I had been happy with a TEAC VDRS transport and the rDAC. The Teac has been to the shop twice in the last two years, and I won't send it back again, so it does not seem to be the tubes or the rDAC. The transport on the Marantz does not seem to be up to it.
I have been using the coax out. I will give a try to the optical out and see if it makes a difference.
Thanks for the responses and ideas.
After the problems I have had in the last two years (first the Jolida problems and then the TEAC) I think I need a warranty.
Most of my equipment has been purchased used in the past with good luck, but I am not in the mood for problems right now.
If I go used, what brands are most reliable?
From what I see, NAIM is high on the list, and Cambridge seems to be low.
Is that correct?
Naim is so good that you wouldn't even need the rDac. A superb
Any CDP at this upper level has a superior DAC and build quality.
I've had great luck w/used CDP's. The oldest is an NEC CD-650. If I was to buy new, I'd look @ NAD's offerings. My NAD 521 sounds very good and works perfect except for the dim display. My 2 cents. Good hunting!
It looks like it will be a new old stock Creek Destiny CDP.
Still full factory warranty (called distributor).
Maybe not the absolute best, but pretty good, at $900 with 2 years of warranty, I don't think I can do better.
Kotta, I had that NEC.sweet little piece.
Sony HAP-1ZS. Nothing like it for the price.

I don't sell it BTW.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
This made a surprising improvement.
I have a Rega Apollo-R coming tomorrow, and I will need to decide which goes back.
Have others also had an improvement going from coax to optical in/out?