Help Identifying Older Kimber Speaker Cables

I bought an older pair of Kimber cables from a local dealer but their website does not show them so my assumption is that they are no longer made.

Not sure if I can post a photo here so here is a description:
-four strands each of red per channel and 4 black, braided
-WBT-0645 locking Furutech bananas on one end
-WBT-0600 locking bananas on the other end
- black mesh protective outer shield
-approximately 3/4" diameter including the shield
-5 foot length (I have two pairs for biwiring)

Do any of you old skoolers have an idea on which model these might be?

DIY cables if no print on the cable itself. There is usually the maker and model printed on cables, you probably got taken.
I believe you have Kimber 4TC. 8TC's were 8 stranded wires and blue/black.
My 4TC were four each blue and black, no red anywhere, with no shield. The black mesh you mention reminds me of Kimber Hero but that is quad cable.
I never heard of Kimber using a red/black pairing for speaker cables.
Agree they are just some other wire which looks like Kimber style.
Agree with Elizabeth - the older Kimber speaker cables were - Brown/Black ( VR), Grey/Black (VS) & Blue/Black (TC). I was a distributor - never seen Red/Black.
My original Kimber 4TC are Brown and Black. A few years later they were Gray and Black. 22+ years ago.
Joe Nies