Help Identify This Cartridge?

I came across this turntable, and it looks like it might have a nice cartridge on it. Any guesses on what it might be?

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Looks like an Ortofon HMC10

I am, alas, not clairvoyant like Dover so I would need some ''real

pictures'' of this species for a reasonable guess. You have probably

never listed any cart on eBay? Pictures are more important than

(any) description. The reason is simple: pictures can't lie.

Nandric, google Ortofon HMC10 images, you will indeed meet Clair Voyant.
The clues are the Ortofon MC30 body shape, stylus guard shape.
The top plate shape, colour of body (white) and chrome screw in side ( not gold ) strongly indicate HMC10 unless it's an oddball OEM model. 

Possibly looks like an Ortofon Quartz???. I bought one in 1990!

I found this old link which might be helpful!