Help identify/find this non-US spkr manufacturer?

Hi All,
Do you know a non-USA manufacturer of factory-direct loudspeakers? I believe they are either UK or European based. They sell completely finished (not DIY) Loudspeakers. They have an order page on which you can specify THREE different levels of quality for the drivers (good, better, best). If you know who this manufacturer is, please let me know here?
Thanks and happy listening!
Are you referring to AV Reality, top of the line has the Revelator tweeters, can't go better than that except the Diamond tweeters.
Thanks Extreme, but AV Reality is NoT the mfgr I'm looking for. The company I'm talking about gives the customer THREE different quality choices of drivers AND crossovers. I've been on their website before but lost their URL. I want to find them again. Anybody else know who they might be?
Thanks and happy listening!
Try Newform ribbon...?
Thanks Tripper and Stereo but neither of those are it either. The company I'm trying to find makes FINISHED speakers - NOT kits.
Also, Right on the ORDER Page, you can specify what level of quality you want for both the DRIVERS and the X-OVER. Anybody else know & can help identify them?
I DO know that they are either UK or European.
Thanks again!
Myraj, I just did an internet search for factory-direct speakers and here is what I found; Audio Concepts,Hsu Research,North Creek,Speaker Direct,Edge Audio,Legacy Audio,Ohm Acoustics,Speakerlab,Ethera,Newform Research,Sequerra Associates, and VMPS Audio Products.You all may want to check out the North Creek website;some interesting history and information.
Thanks but I've done the search before and seen all of those. None are THE one I ran across and didn't save the link. (thought I did!)
Anyone else that can help? As I've mentioned, they are NOT in the USA or Canada but they DO make complete speakers and NOT kits.
Thanks again!
Have you tried ?
Thanks Hoggshead but that is not it either.
How about Cambridge Sound Works?
Thanks Cello but, as I mentioned in the question, the manufacturer that I'm looking for is a "NON" US mfgr. They are located either in the UK or somewhere on the European continent....I remember that much from visiting the site. I KNOW that they DO exist! Any help from anyone else?
Thanks again!
Hey, Myraj! Is it Acoustic Reality, factory-direct from Denmark ? This company also makes a new, patent-pending amp using the new Pulse-modulation technique. The website is