Help-IC's needed AU or AQ

It's time to replace me 12 year old Cardas
with something new. I was thinking AU24 or
AQ Cheetah. Both seem to be safe choices. I'd like to buy and not look back,I do not relish the thought of auditioning cables. Other thoughts welcome.
System consists of :
YBA Passion integrated
Marantz SA-14
Dunlavy SC111's
Monster 2.4 bi-wired speaker cables(next to be changed)
Attilasimon, since you said you might be interested in other possible suggestions, I would recommend that you put on your audition list either Accoustic Zen Silver Reference II's or Matrix reference II's. I have listened to cables from the two other companies that you mentioned and liked the Acoustic Zen cables much better. Like everything else in high end audio, personnal taste and system synergy are factors regarding cable selection. I find the Accoustic Zen "house sound" to offer a great balance between details/clarity/extension and musicality/liquidity, along with being very well built and very fairly priced. Hope this helps.
Try Silentaudio Apollo C interconnects sold on Audiogon auctions (for SS electronics) and with the 90% you save over cardas, etc. you can treat yourself to something else. If they don't work for you, you won't have spent much; especially if you need short lengths. COntact Paul for whatever lengths you need. I've bought several and am very happy. I've heard slightly better for $300-400 more but would rather use the money to upgrade other parts of my system. You'll never know how any IC will sound until you put them in your system. Therefore, if you decide to spend several hundred dollars on ICs see if you can borrow burned in demos before you purchase them.
If you don't want to think about cables after your purchase get the AQ. The Cheetahs are excellent and besides SKY the closet thing to not having cables. Neutral, coherent, depth, texture.
Rello is right.
Go for AQ. I own the Sky and the Everest speakercable.
They are excellent!!!!!
I upgraded recently from the AQ Volcano and Anancoda combo to all Audience Au24. The Au24 in my system was in a league of its own above and beyond the AQ. I have heard the Sky and it is nice. Compared to the Cheetah though, the A24 should be a better choice.

Over the christmas break I got a chance to try the
cheetah's. Very nice- things seemed sharper, more
detailed, and with a little more bass. I especially liked
the grab of the connectors,quite snug, probably since
my cardas are so old. My only concern with a short audition
is sometimes one wonders if you are hearing things for real-
or are you hearing things that you read about. Overall I
did seem to enjoy the music more and thats whats it's all about. I'll try to audition the AU24's as well as the AZ ref.2's in the next week or so. Any other thoughts-I would
love to hear them.
Thanks for all your inputs.
Thanks for all the input. I ended up buying a used/new pair of Sky here
on Audiogon.Just hooked them up last night(Sunday),
initially I feel like my system has never sounded better.
It is a little too soon to be sure of course, I will try
to relay my impressions in a month or so if anyone is interested.
I believe that with Sky my ic's are good enough that
further cable auditioning really is not going to make a
significant difference.As I stated in my initial question,
my goal was to buy a good cable and be done with it.
Any thoughts welcome.
I would be interested in hearing your final impressions of the AQ Sky interconnect after having owned it for severals months now.