Help I've Been Robbed

Well, not me thankfully. But my Dad, who I can blame for my hifi habit and who turned me on to more music than anyone else on earth. He is a music lover who owns a machine shop and loves to listen while he works. Last week someone broke in and stole his Harmon Kardon receiver and cd changer. (They also took computer equipment, some tools, etc.). My sister and I would like to buy him replacements for Christmas. I'd like to find a good quality receiver that will drive four speakers and a cd changer. Anyone with ideas (Adcom? Rotel? Other?) or equipment they would like to sell? Thanks!
I am big on the Marantz pm 7200 (integrated, 550). I know Marantz makes a changer but not familiar with it.
I would stick with Marantz/Denon/or another Harmon Kardon. Match up your needs/pricepoint with the reciever accordingly. All of these are excellent choices.
magnum dynalab
NAD still makes a fine 2 channel reciever. Sounds good and has 2nd set of speaker outputs.
NAD! It's the coolest and best-sounding value gear, and he'll love it.
Do you have a budget?
Thanks everyone---I decided to go with a Rotel integrated and cd changer. I think he will be pleased to have his music back.