HELP I need Speaker Recommendation? w/set up

"Newbi Here" Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone out there can help me with some speaker recommendations, and the set up situation. I would prefer to mount speakers on the wall, but if it is going to jeopardize the sound, and not get the most out of my equipment, I would rather stay with speakers (on stand). I am setting up a Hair Studio, so with that in mind, thinking about foot traffic and aesthetics of the place. Just trying to bring me and my clients the most pleasant sound possible, and trying to go about it in the best and smartest way i can (on a small budget). The Pre-Amp i am using is an Adcom GFP 565 with Two Rotel RB 980BX, I am also using Transparent Interconnects and thinking about going with Transparent inwall Cable. The Space will be about 800 to 1200 sq ft.
I THANK YOU ALL ahead of time for Recommendations and Feedback and also your help on this situation!
Stay Well, and Good Listening!
I would look thru some of the budget virtual systems where people have employed brainpower over wallet power to come up with winning sound combos. I'm not saying that it's bad to have wallet power or that big ticket systems are bad. The only point is that it's very, VERY cool (for me at least) to see what can be accomplished on a relative budget.

Along those lines, there's a very nice--and recent--review about a Polk loudspeaker listed on this site. Go to "Product Reviews" under "Speakers" and enter "Polk" as the search keyword, and that should find it pretty fast.
Considering it is a business and will have foot traffic, I would suggest you get a speaker that can be wall mounted. Many bookshelf type speakers are made to have mounting hardware attached to the back, so you could go that route. Or you could go with something like this:

I haven't heard this and I don't know the seller, but I like the concept.

Edit: They only go down to 80HZ, so they likey would need a sub-woofer to fill in the bottom end...


I think that it is quite admirable that you are doing this for your customers.

Given the application of the speakers you are looking to purchase, I would highly recommend that you find a Mirage dealer and audition their Omnisat or Omnisat Micro speakers. Omnipolar speakers are a particular strength of Mirage, as you may know. Omnipolars allow you to be pretty well anywhere in a room. You are not tied down to a sweet spot as you are with many other types of speakers. In a commercial setting where you are not always able to be in the sweet spot, omnipolars make a lot of sense. Unlike the big Mirage speakers, the Omnisats are small and intended to be wall mounted. There is even an in-ceiling version called the Omnican. It's sort of like a pot light. I've heard the Omnisats at my local Mirage dealer. I was quite impressed with how the sound was consistent, even if you were walking around the room. You can get further information about them at the Mirage website,
I posted this in your other thread:

I'm impressed that you have such nice equipment in a hair salon. I'm sure your clients will appreciate having nice music while getting their heads mowed. Heheh.

NHTs are always a good bet in my view. I'm still using little 11 year old NHT SuperZeros and like them a lot. Another speaker I'd consider is the Anthony Gallo Micro. I know, it sounds like they were grown on a vineyard. But have a look:

Good luck!
I agree with Markphd. I understand listening to music all day while dealing with customers. Stereo imaging can be a problem. You end up listening to 1/2 the music a lot. I personally like in ceilings to help avoid this. You can even get nice in wall/ceiling speakers with dual voice coils and dual tweeters. The niles aren't cheap but work great. The other option is to buy a 2 pair of 4 pair speaker selector and put speakers everywhere. This avoids bad spots and sounds pretty good. You just lose the soundstage/imaging.
B&W is always a safe recom mendation to start building a nice system without sacrifying a lot of cash. Their product line is quite large and some model may surely fit within your needs.

Hello Gentlemen, think1james here again. just wanted to say thanks again for all of your great suggestions. I will be heading out tomorrow to audition some Mirage and some Polk, since they are near by dealers. Quick question Gentlemen, If i deside on one of these speakers, should i still go with some Transparent inwall cable or woud that be a wast of money. I just want to make sure i am getting the best out off my equipment, so if i have to go up a notch or two with the speakers and cable i do not mind. The other concern of mine is that the spaces i am looking at are very open, with high ceilings.
I read in a white paper (by whom? when? where? sorry, I forget) that the best place for speakers is hung on a wall anyway, due to vertical blah blah blah ... ummm, beer ...
Anyway, don't discount hanging them on the wall. They may actually sound better!
"don't discount hanging them on the wall. They may Actually sound better!" (Rockadanny)
Unfortunaty, the wall is where all the bass modes come together in an acoustic space, thus reinforcing the bass modes in a room, for that peaky, boomy, one-note kind of sound is inevitable. Basically, this means the farthest removed sound from original intent of the speaker manufacture most often! Not good.
However, some speaker are balanced a bit better than other to be wall mounted, and they do stuff to the crossover to help. Still, it's never ideal usually. That's what I find.
If you think not, just measure speakers bass response and see what happens!!! You'll usually easily get 15-20+db increase in certain bass frequencies in the room. This is distortion from the original signal, partially negating all that effort your trying to invest in for good sound.
That all said, yes, little speakers that roll off quite high, crossed over to a small well place sub is often a better option. You can then place the subwoofer for maximum benefit, and the satalites too. Yes, compromises here, but cosmetic benefits and the "pro's" vs. con's is better this way I think.
Otherwise, a bit larger wall mounted speakers without a sub will need to likely be EQ'd in the room for good sound!
Trade-off's are inevitable if you're trying to wow the socks of your hair clients unfortunately. There's no free ride.
I think relaxing your expectations, getting some nice sounding speakers, and placing em as best as you can (preferably something with wide dispersion) is the practical ticket. Alot of what's mentioned would be fine. Do some research.
Still, you'll have more flexibility if you invest into lookiing into some of this new EQ stuff on the market now. MultEQ from Audyssey is here now. There's others.
good luck