HELP I need information about interconnects

I am trying to set up a turntable to speakers, and have these steps:

Turntable to preamp -> speaker output of preamp to Bedini Class A 100/100 MK II amplifier -> Speaker output to Speakers.

Now the real trouble I'm finding is in the proper interconnect to go from the speaker output on the preamp to the right and left inputs on the Bedini amp.

As far as I can see, the Nordost Valhalla with z-plug termination is ALL I can find to suit this connection.

Can anyone please tell me if:

A.) I completely misunderstand my situation
B.) There are any other cheaper but decent interconnects of this type.
A true preamp will not have "speaker outputs" on it. It sounds like maybe you are trying to use an integrated amp as a preamp? Unless this has preout/main-in jumpers or a seperate set of preouts, (usually RCA jacks), you won't be able to use it. You could maybe use the tape out jacks, if there are any, but sometimes these are not controlled by the volume control.
They are never controlled by the volume control, as that would alter the recording level of your tape deck or whatever. You could insert a volume control at this point but I share Mofimadness's confusion as to what you are attempting.
I'm also confused about the way you are describing this.

If you tell us what type of "preamp" you are using, that may shed some light on things.

Do not divulge your secrets about your pre. ...they all just want to suck the secrets from your setup! But in all honesty, wtf are you talking about. LOL.
Yes, I figured my understanding of the situation was convoluted and just plain ignorant...

In that sense, here's what I am specifically trying to do, and at the derision of Mr. Quark, some secrets I may have to divulge.

Also, I'm too much of a novice to care. So here we go:

The 'preamp' I am referring to is an old(er) Bose AM/FM receiver with Aux, Tape, AM/FM, and Phono Inputs in the rear. My understanding (mind you not knowledge persay) is that I wish to transfer the audio signal from the second set of standard speaker outputs (two pairs of red and black clips, you know the type), to the right and left input jacks (which appear to be RCA jacks) of the Bedini amplifier to the speakers.

Is there a proper interconnect plug for this?

Is this configuration even possible (i feel like it should be)?

Is it dangerous simply to DIY an interconnect from a set of robust RCA cables?

Is this any clearer???

I appreciate greatly all of your attempts/patience with me.

What you want is a "speaker level to line level converter." Google that phrase, WITH the quotes, and you'll find a number of choices.

Your Bose unit is not a preamp. The term "receiver," in the context of an audio system, is usually used to refer to a unit which combines a preamplifier, a power amplifier, and an fm or am/fm tuner in one unit. It sounds like that is what your Bose unit is.

What you are trying to do is to connect the output of the power amplifier section of the Bose to the input of the Bedini power amplifier. Separate power amplifiers, like the Bedini, are designed to accept "line level" signal inputs, which are at lower voltage levels, and higher impedance levels, than "speaker level" signals.

Speaker level signals are those which are capable of being directly applied to speakers, and are generated by power amplifiers, or by the power amplifier section of receivers, or by the power amplifier section of integrated amplifiers (which combine a preamp and a power amp on the same chassis, but do not have a built-in tuner).

Your Bose receiver is apparently capable of driving speakers directly, since it has speaker terminals, and since it is referred to as a "receiver." The reason for putting the Bedini in the path between the receiver and the speakers would presumably be to have the capability of providing more power to the speakers, and/or because the Bedini may be able to provide better sonics if the speakers have hard-to-drive impedance characteristics.

BTW, conventional speaker level to line level converters (that present a high impedance to the first amplifier's speaker terminals) should never be used with amplifiers that have tube output stages, or damage to the amplifier may result.

Hope that helps,
-- Al