HELP I need help finding a pair of headphones

Long story short, I lost most of my speakers due to a house fire and now we are moving into a small house. So all my listening will be on the headphones.
I'd like to get a decent pair of headphones for less than $200. I know nothing about them, so any help would be great.
I like all kinds of music and will be using this w/ipod, for movies, and a McIntosh c2200.
If you plan on driving them directly from your iPod -- without a seperate headphone amp -- then your options are limited. Grado SR60 is one of the few audiophile headphones that can do the job, and do it well. You could also buy the SR80 or SR125 and still be OK but you might not hear the difference. Grados can sound a little bright and hard though as you move up the range. The Sennheiser HD555 is under $200 and it's warmer, perhaps more sonically and physically comfortable.

Here's what I would do if I were you and a headphone amp were out of the question. The jack on your McIntosh preamp is probably pretty good. Since you're going to be listening to headphones exclusively, get the best set of phones you can afford. Your iPod will NOT be able to drive either of these: the Sennheiser HD600 and AKG K601 or K701. Both are slightly above your budget but worth it. The HD600 is a gorgeous sounding set of cans that's exceptionally smooth yet detailed, while the K601 and K701 are more spacious, a bit thinner but also more extended in the bass and treble. Both are extremely comfortable.

Now, what about that iPod? Well, either dock it and run it through the McIntosh or buy a set of iGrado headphones for $49 and use them exclusively for the iPod since audiophile cans tend to be too big and bulky for travel anyway.
There was a very compelling review in Stereophile, of a pair of cans made by Phiaton specifically targeted to iPod users with high expectations. The review is by Wes Phillips in the Jan. '09 Stereofile. here's the website where you can direct-order the cans. No experience, but they're in your price range and they look as cool as all get-out if you like the modern, high-tech look.
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Another option would be Eytmotic ER-6s which can run off the ipod w/o an amp.
Well I have done the headphone thing for a long time. Buy two pair.... it will end up that way anyway....

For home use get a used pair of one of the top brands ( I like Sennhizer 650s) and drive them with the Mcintosh. They retail for 500 but you can get them new for about 350 and used for 200.

For the iPod In Ear Monitors are the only way to go. I use Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 pro ($420). They are a three way IEM and the best none custom IEM out IMO. They will give the best of full sized headphones a run for their money. I 10 pro is way out of your budget but I am sure Ultimate ears cheaper models are good too.

If you are new to headphones you are in for a treat. All of the top brands are VERY detialed while still being musical. Give your self a few days to get used to the sound stage.

Sites to check out are www. and

PS Sennhizers are warm and detialed.... like Sonus Fabers... Grados are bright and and detialed... Like Thiels but brighter
Thanks for your replies, I appreciate it. I had been thinking about a separate pair of headphones for the ipod, which you guys confirmed.
I agree with Ekobesky's advice. I've been very happy with my Grado SR-125 phones. They should work well with your McIntosh. And, get separate earbuds for your I-pod.
While Grados are good... I feel they have stood still while other brands have come a long way...

If you buy from they have 30 day no questions asked retune ploicy.
Thanks to all who helped. I ended up w/a pair of HD600's. I'm pleasantly surprised that the 'touch can run them (though it sounds soooo much better through the mcintosh).
Thanks again.
You could run a "pocket doc" and a small portable amp and get just about the same sound quality as your mac. It would be good for travel.... Listening at the kitchen table.....

I use a total Airhead from headroom with my 650s and it does well. But I am sure there are better portable amps out these days( the noise floor is high with my Grados but with my 650s I do not hear it).

Anyway what do you think of the 600? Do you think you will get into headphones?