Help! I Need An Amp Purchase Option Other Than PayPal

I'm trying to buy an amp out of state on Craigslist from a private seller. 
The seller has had a dispute with PayPal in the past.  
Do any of you know of a payment option that will offer the buyer protections that PayPal will offer? 
I'd rather not send my money out into the universe without any type of buyer protections.
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Do NOT buy anything from an out of state seller on Craigslist. Only deal with on Craigslist, face to face.
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PT Barnum got it right..........Have used paypal for years with no problems. Something would have to be horribly wrong to be banned from paypal.
I had the seller prepare and send me a PayPal invoice.
I sent the payment.
The payment was sent back to me by PayPal the next day by the seller.
I called the seller.  The seller said that on a prior transaction that the buyer accused him of selling an amp not exactly as advertised, the amp had different feet...something minor.  According to the seller, the buyer kept his amp and PayPal refused to send him money for the sale.
Without buyer protections, I can't do this deal.
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call your credit card company, ask them how they will protect you if you use it to pay.
No way in hell… out of state Craigslist? What could possibly go wrong!? Keep an eye out here or USAM, you’ll do much better IMO.
Without buyer protection one can hopefully look at past transaction ratings.  You have neither.  There are people out there who will say anything to con you out of your money, many are very good to excellent liars.  Don't let your lust for the amp blind you to common sense.  However, it's your money - gamble as you please.
i have a well built bridge to nowhere...  🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Please walk away from this deal. There is a very high probability you will get burned. It’s either that and you take the risk of losing your money. I think you should pass and keep looking. Maybe you have a friend or family member who can physically meet with the person to test the equipment and provide the money once everything is good. Last but not least have them take it to a repair shop to get a once over to make sure none of the capacitors are blown or the pots are not scratchy. You need more of a guarantee. A letter saying if you are not satisfied you have the right to return it at your expense for a full refund so PayPal can favor your side. I would move on, but if this is important to have this please protect yourself legally. 
There are escrow services out there, or at least there were in the past. Do some research. You pay them, your money isn't released to the seller until you have your item.
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My son recently sold his Lotus out of state and he used and it went off as smooth as silk. 
You can set up the deal anyway you and the seller agree to.
Good luck.

Thanks everyone.  
I’ve moved on.
I’m not buying that amp under any circumstances…the transaction situation is too cloudy.
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Just check Hifi Shark for that amp.
Trust me, you'll get it if you are patient.
Go to your bank and send a cashiers check or a wire.
Another option is zell or Apple Pay.
Go to your bank and send a cashiers check or a wire.
Another option is zell or Apple Pay.
Looks like poor options. Although there will be a paper trail which works well for established businesses because you can sue in court and damage their business reputation, it doesn’t work well with out-of-state Craigslist sellers. If the seller refuses to send the good after payment, you can’t reverse the charges and chasing the seller(scammer) for a refund, goods, or trying to sue them (if you can find them)...good luck.
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So trading Forex, Stocks and Futures is the way to go when buying an amp?
Some view mt5 trading as just another scam. Way to go posting this on an audio site on a year old thread. Looking for a victim?

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I hate PayPal also.....  my last listing was on USAM and had the caveat , LOCAL CASH SALE Please.  ...   I ended up trading that preamp in toward a DAC .   I got my asking price listed on a trade,  it was a no brainer.  No brainer for dealer either .  Made money on DAC and preamp

If you list something on CL and it is really nice I will pay a reasonable cash price .  If you are interested in something I have and offer a fair price, it's yours.   

Not a fan of online interstate sales .....

Now, why was my reporting of a post to an online trading scheme from piercebrady taken down by the mods? mt5 trades Forex, Stocks and Futures and is open to all manner of fraud. I flagged it to the mods and my flagging of it resulted in my post being deleted.  Funny that.

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Paypal is like a bank that gets its money for free.It will use any possible dispute to seize funds and hold them and even when the seller and buyer agrees to cancel the sale will hold the proceeds for up to a month -or longer.So I can understand how somebody might not want to use them.