[help] I'm too Boomer to stream. :-(

So I purchased a Bluesound node 2i after a previous discussion here. Now I can't get the node or BluOs program to recognize my music on other laptops that are on my same wifi.  When my laptop and hard drive was connected to my Parasound Zdac, I could usb the computer into the dac, and use an optical cable from my tv out to the dac.  The node doesn't seem to have a way to allow my tv into the node's dac (my tv only has optical & hdmi out for sound) & node has no inputs for hdmi or toslink) so I'm stuck with the dac of the node for streaming music and the zdac for tv audio with the two different analog outputs from 2 different dacs going into my integrated amp. I'm frustrated and feel like I spent this money for a ghetto rig, plus I can't even make libraries , etc. Totally confused and have tried making everthing "dicoverable " on network setting to no avail. So lost, angry, sad, confused and frustrated. And I swear to god if millerwhoever says I should have bought a tricked out fuse or dumb little cone, I'm gonna lose my s***.
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There are three problems. First, because of our age if we have no pension, and almost nobody does, we have to live on social security and nobody will hire anyone over the age of 50 anymore no matter how formidable your qualifications. That leaves out streaming services which have monthly subscription fees. Second, a server will not do 5 channel or store it from 5 channel SACD or DVD Audio. You still have to put the disc in a player. Third, placing a disc in a player is probably less difficult to do than to access it on a hard drive and enter it in a server. Does the several thousand dollar price buy you convenience?
For me the burden of moving discs and records if I relocate is not relevant because I love my very special house too much to ever leave it, I will live here till the day I die.
I started steaming many years ago, very few streamers available at the time. I was pretty much forced to build a diy setup from scratch based on a highly modded mac mini. I now have usb renderers, NAS, optical conversion units, linear power supplies for everything. Steep learning curve, many hours spent over at computer audiophile forum. Without the knowledge of the experts over there I would have never gotten this complex setup running.

If I were starting today I would just get one of the quality streamers from Lumin, Aurender, Innuous. Get one with large capacity HD, things are much easier to setup today. The good streamer manufacturers are responsive and computer audiophile has a wealth of information if you do have glitches. Networking is one of the common problems, and has been an issue of mine at times, computer audiophile has saved me every time.
Sorry but I have not read all the posts.  Go buy an external hard drive and copy all your files to it, then plug it in to the USB on the 2i.  Open the app on your phone pick USB and then pick a CD or high res file and enjoy.  This way you avoid all the computer problems.  HDD cost about a $100 for 1TB at Best Buy. 

Plug your Toslink from the TV into the optical input converter plug that came with the 2i.  Plug that into the analog input on the 2i and you can listen to the TV through the 2i.