[help] I'm too Boomer to stream. :-(

So I purchased a Bluesound node 2i after a previous discussion here. Now I can't get the node or BluOs program to recognize my music on other laptops that are on my same wifi.  When my laptop and hard drive was connected to my Parasound Zdac, I could usb the computer into the dac, and use an optical cable from my tv out to the dac.  The node doesn't seem to have a way to allow my tv into the node's dac (my tv only has optical & hdmi out for sound) & node has no inputs for hdmi or toslink) so I'm stuck with the dac of the node for streaming music and the zdac for tv audio with the two different analog outputs from 2 different dacs going into my integrated amp. I'm frustrated and feel like I spent this money for a ghetto rig, plus I can't even make libraries , etc. Totally confused and have tried making everthing "dicoverable " on network setting to no avail. So lost, angry, sad, confused and frustrated. And I swear to god if millerwhoever says I should have bought a tricked out fuse or dumb little cone, I'm gonna lose my s***.
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I feel for you, labguy. I’m a computer phobic luddite who’s content to play my CDs for the foreseeable future. Being my own DJ and having access to tons of music I never listen to with all the liner notes and recommendations to other music I have no interest in never appealed to me.

It all kinda reminds me of the days when FM was varied, diverse, and expansive, and there was lots of competition for radio space with extensive playlists. And, it was all free. Now the model is how to extract more money from your pockets, and how to hype it.

But then, I have gotten more cynical with age. I’m sure someone will chime in and rescue you from your predicament soon enough. By the way, none of this was meant to rub it in: it’s just how I feel about it.

All the best,
One year ago I jumped into streaming as a totally Techno-challenged person and had to quit in frustration. Tried Tidal then Qobuz. The non-support was pervasive.
Sold the Roon and said to myself when a major player gets involved
I will look into it again. Now 9 months later its Amazon. I can stream for free using my laptop. F-Roon and all their BS. Tidal and Qobuz can go straight to Hades as well. Now that felt goood!!

Well at least I'm not alone, but I really had hopes of cleaning up my system, and not having to use 2 damn dacs. I have terabytes of Flac files and rare live concerts on external hard drives of my laptop.When I try to add a local share from a network (laptop wireless from router/modem on same wifi) I get asked to authenticate with my password, and then It won't accept the drive as the folder path, and I cant highlight 100+ folders at a time, and there is way too many to do it individually entering a password for each album folder. This is years of collection. On an upside, the internet radio stuff is cool, but I'd like to have access to my vast collection, not buy a streamer just for radio stations.
I'm relieved to hear I'm not the only one in this boat. I just added my first streamer/DAC and while it was a frustrating experience at first (still kinda is) I encourage you to hold out if you can. I've been using an iPad to interface with the streamer, Tidal, and Qobuz and while it is far from perfect I feel like I'm narrowing in on some form of cohesion. I figure that I've invested so much in my gear that I owe it to myself to take advantage of the high res files. Do you have access to a low voltage contractor or a theater installer? I called up one out of desperation and for less than $100 he sorted the whole thing out.
Personally I think our generation is conditioned to solving everything from scratch but software these days seems to be dumbed down to the point where it's almost unusable. Best of luck whichever way you go.
I am pretty Computer Phobic, and have made some expensive mistakes trying to learn, but at least I have Bluesound running in my house, and added a Bryston BDP3 streamer in my main system, and have a NAS set up.  All of which is a prelude for saying that in our little group posting on this thread so far, that in the Land of The Blind, the One Eyed Man is King.  So,, until someone who knows what the Heck they are doing chimes in, let me try to help and hopefully not send you further down the Rabbit Hole.
   I am pretty confused by the OP.  It seems like you are trying to use
the DAC of the Node 2i but also use the ZDac.  Why?
Sorry, but it sounds like you had higher expectations for the Node.
i have one and I knew Before buying it that you could not use it as an X ternal dac for other gear. And I am a boomer....

Sounds like the OP needs a combo streamer/dac box that accepts outside signals. That does exist but it sure ain’t 500 bucks
This is why it's  a good idea to let people know exactly what you are trying to do and what your setup is. If you would have  mentioned in your post looking for a streamer that you needed hdmi or toslink in to connect a TV no one would have recommended  the Node2i.  It only has ethernet wired or wifi and USB in. Doesn't the Node2i have a return within 30 days policy? 
Further Questions 
1) Are you using the Node2i with WiFi or Ethernet?
2) How is the Node2i connected to your pre amp? (Perhaps you should tell us your whole system at this point).
3) Have you tried using the Internet Radio function of the Node2i?  That should be able to work independently of the Hard Drives that you are trying to access.  If you can’t get that to work then something more basic may be amiss.
4).Where is your dealer in all of this?  Whoever sold you the product should be providing some base level of support?  And have you tried CS from Bluesound?
First, the Node 2i does indeed have Toslink input .. it’s a combo 3.5mm/mini-Toslink port. You’ll need an appropriate cable like this one:


or get an adapter for one end of a standard Toslink cable.

There’s a setting in the BluOS app for allowing/disallowing auto-detect of an Optical-in signal.
Yep melvinjames is right I  forgot about that mini port.
Second, there is a bit of a learning curve so you need to take a deep breath Boomer. (I'm also a Boomer and have had plenty of frustrations with computer/digital audio over the years.)

Now I can't get the node or BluOs program to recognize my music on other laptops that are on my same wifi.

The setup for NAS is a bit finicky on the BluOS platform and was the cause of most of my initial frustrations with the Node. Once you get it sorted you'll find it to be quite a nice product. Bluesound Support is very responsive and helpful. If you haven't contacted them yet, now might be a good time to do so. Their support forum members are helpful as well:


Generally speaking, you would locate your music library on the network in some way, whether a simple hard drive connected to your router or a full-blown NAS solution like QNAP. What exactly are you trying to do with your other laptops in the mix?


We understand your frustration. As others have pointed out, there is a bit of learning curve with Node 2i.

If the idea behind Node 2i was to eliminate laptop from your system, then Node 2i makes perfect sense. I would connect Node 2i using its RCA out to your Integrated. Secondly, I would transfer all the music from your laptop to NAS and connect the NAS directly into Node2 USB input. The default password for external NAS access is ‘admin’.

And lastly, download the Bluesound iOS app on iPad. You can sort your library by 7 different categories (all listed under Library icon).

If you plan on streaming from Tidal or Qobuz, I would recommend a wired Ethernet connection to Node 2i over WiFi. The hardwired connectivity does sound better to my ears over WiFi. BTW, I own Vault 2 so feel free to PM me if you have any further questions. 
PS: Sorry, the node 2i internal DAC cannot be used with external devices. 

Good luck!
I got a node 2i and absolutely love it... Initially had difficulty connecting to my existing library... And grudgingly put in an email to Bluesound tech support (I say grudgingly because I had low to no expectations)... Turns out they were awesome and got me all fixed up (my Jriver (which I loved) is now obsolete) . 

If you allow them to... They will remotely control your computer to resolve... so less need to worry about your technical prowess. 
Also...re. Bluesound Tech support...ask them to CALL if you need to (that's what I did)... I find that much easier than going back and forth in email.

Still shocked to get useful support in this day and age... Big fan of them now. 

Thanks everybody. I'll elaborate more later tonight. I'm at work right now. I was able to get the internet radio stations to work. For some reason I thought the node would wirelessly recognize my Flac files that are playing on my computer using foobar2000. I had hoped to interface the two wirelessly over my internet connection/IP address. I'll try contacting bluesound, and getting more suggestions here later.
Whatever folder your Flac files are in needs to be on a network share then the node should be able to see them it won't  use foobar but it's  own player. 
Yeah contacting Customer Suppport is the way to go with Bluesound. I had a fair share of connect/disconnect problems with mine, and the IT guys were awesome, that notwithstanding it is a stellar piece of kit for what it is intended to do. IMO.
As per this website the node is not yet DLNA compatible which is what you need to be able to access media databases on other devices within your network...( https://support1.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203090833-DLNA-support) . This website includes info in regards to upnp and DLNA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_UPnP_AV_media_servers_and_clients. For my own purposes I have a pro-ject stream box s2 as well as a bryston bdp2 which are both dlna compatible. I am sure there are many other DLNA compliant streamers just have to do a little research.
I just looked at my BS App and for local shares it needs to be either on the computer the app is running on or connected via USB.
There is no wifi connection available. 

Here is my 2 cents - go buy a streamer and DAC in one unit - I did and I have been streaming with my LUMIN D1 for 5 years. Sound quality is over the Moon great - I use Tidal HiFi with MQA for $25 per month. Cost was $2,000 for the LUMIN D1. You have to hardwire the LUMIN via Ethernet cable to get the quality. I feed two separate systems, and the Tidal catalog is humongous -  I am 66 years old - not a computer expert and very happy! Retired my turntable! Saving Hugh Money by not buying CDs any more. May upgrade to the T2 soon - per the reviews it has a better DAC.

The upgrades on the D1 are automatic via the internet and it has run for 5 years with no issues.

You get what you pay for.

Happy Listening
Dear @lalitk    Wrong wrong wrong wrong.  Why don’t you resist these urges to post.  They are not helpful.  
Dear @gdnrbob. Sorry. No. Wrong and wrong again.  Please don’t post about things you don’t understand.  It’s not helpful. 

The Bluesound node2i is a streamer and dac in one unit.

It doesn’t sound the greatest and its software isn’t very good but it will do everything the OP wants for 500 bucks -  but not without going through the right steps.  

@OP  read @melvinjames ‘ post.  Ignore the rest of these guys.  
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Spirit of radio - thanks for the info on the Bluesound node 2i. I read a lot of these threads and see so many issues people have trying to stream. I guess I was just lucky when a stereo shop in Indy convinced me to go with LUMIN. It’s app runs great on my I pad mini. It sounds so good thru both of my systems using Tidal HiFi with MQA - i know the upfront cost is high but the ‘lack of headaches’ is great. What does a good turntable, tonearm and cartridge cost? $2,200 sounds very cheap to me.

If you want to stream trouble free - the LUMIN D2 costs $2,200 I think.

Happy Listening
If the idea behind Node 2i was to eliminate laptop from your system, then Node 2i makes perfect sense. I would connect Node 2i using its RCA out to your Integrated. Secondly, I would transfer all the music from your laptop to NAS and connect the NAS directly into Node2 USB input. The default password for external NAS access is ‘admin’.

Connecting an external hard drive via the Node's USB input is the quick and dirty way but Bluesound doesn't recommend it for the long term (there are technical reasons why). That said, it's very convenient when a friend drops by with a thumb drive full of music for you to listen to and it doesn't affect your library of music which you have painstakingly created.

The easiest and more stable way is, as already mentioned, to connect an external hard drive(s) full of music to your router/switch via USB and go through the discovery/share process with the BluOS app.

Sorry, the node 2i internal DAC cannot be used with external devices.

Except for that mini-Toslink input :-)

Roon with Mind2 Streamer= cake and I am 60 dude.

Just ordered Simaudio 390 Preamp/Streamer and 330A thinking of adding the Roon Nucleus in short order.

Get a 10 year old to help you.

Get a 10 year old to help you.

Now that's funny!
Please ignore spiritofaudio. 

tom8999 your comments have given me some hope since I am of the same vintage age and have yet to stream.  Not interested in any server or files or computers to mess around with.  The Lumin gear T2 or if I really reach the X1.  I will still own an SACD player.  My only real issue besides just jumping in is that I don't have an ethernet connection on the second floor of the house.  I'm hoping a mesh router would be usable to send a WiFi signal to that mesh router on the second floor which would accommodate an ethernet connection.  I should be OK since I am transmitting a Wifi download speed of 205 Mbps.
What’s wrong with having an SACD player?  I have 3 and listen to them all.
There is no inherent audio advantage in listening by streaming vs silver disc.  In fact, the only advantage would be in eliminating my Redbook CDs, so that if I downsize I wouldn’t have to move thousands of CDs.  I will keep my SACDS, Blu Rays, etc.  At present, I am inclined to forget the whole streaming thing and just move the CDs with me, because I cannot find a decent software program for Classical Music 
Mahler123 my experience with redbook is the server rips sound better than my McIntosh transport because no cd laser error correction. The NAIM ripper is bit perfect and then cached to a large SS drive for playback

a NAIM core and streamer might help you from moving all those CD’s

i am a boomer ( tail end) and hate  being my own IT Department... but I do it

my experience is different.  Redbook CD into the same DAC as my Bryston BDP3 streamer sounds a wash.  There is a slight difference, but can’t say one or the other is better..  And the Naim house sound isn’t for me; all that rhythm and pace sounds great with a Chopin Waltz but leaves me cold in the slow movement of Beethoven’s Eroica.
Enjoy the music

I think you made a very good choice. Over the long run though, as the market for streaming services evolves, hardware/firmware and corresponding software systems will have to adapt to remain convenient or even useful. The OP is trying to get into streaming with a relatively inexpensive and pretty flexible piece of equipment. I admire that and I think he just needs a little help getting it going.
There were a couple of good suggestions made on here for him but posts like:

“I just looked at my BS App and for local shares it needs to be either on the computer the app is running on or connected via USB.
There is no wifi connection available.

Which, incredibly, packed no less than 3 errors of fact in a short two sentences, don’t help the op, in fact they do the opposite.

I simply can’t believe the number of posts made on here by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s not helpful.

Spirit of radio and goose and OP - my streaming experience has been painless but I have a neighbor who is trying to do this ‘on the cheap’ and I have learned to avoid several errors:

1 - do not go wireless - you lose quality fast.
2 - trying to stream via a computer or download music files off a normal computer just generates poor quality. UBS ports are very poor quality ‘generators’.

i do have a great CD collection and I have / still use my Yamaha CD player - the 2100. Just bought a new DVD / CD player Panasonic 9000(?) . Both are in separate stereo systems - but my LUMIN D1 feeds both systems via balanced outputs to system 1 and RCA outputs to system 2.The RCA interconnects are 15 feet long as the second system is in the ‘bonus room’ upstairs. The KEY is it is hard wired. I feed the D1 via an Ethernet cable from my router - again hard wired. My I pad mini works in both rooms wirelessly and controls the system just fine.

If if you cannot run an Ethernet cable to your stereo - please consider locating the LUMIN near your router so it is hard wired and run long RCAs to your stereo - my 15 foot RCAs were costom made by Anticables - again not cheap but high quality.

i hope this helps.

Happy Listening

Goose and OP - go to Upscale Audio’s website and run their review of the LUMIN T2 - about two thirds of the way thru he addresses the Ethernet cable issue - he states “for $25 we can sell you a cool box that connects to your router wirelessly but then has a wired Ethernet port that then allows you to connect the LUMIN via an Ethernet cable. I have never used this ‘cool box’ but they are a LUMIN dealer and a very reputable Hi Fi shop. Hope this helps.
Sounds like the cool box is a range extender which could help unless you have drop outs now you will probably  still have them. Using a mesh system might be a better option. 
Sounds like the cool box is a range extender which could help unless you have drop outs now you will probably still have them. Using a mesh system might be a better option.

That's exactly what it is. I went the mesh route personally, a terrific solution for my needs, which include both a Sonore microRendu and a Bluesound Node 2.
Op please reach out to us, we have a ton of experience in this arena.

We regularly have integrated Nodes, Heos, Naim devices with many others via our custom installation company.

We are also major audiophile retail company with Naim, Nad, Parasound and many other products on display.

We can assist you.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Can't complain about Node 2i's software.
In addition to streaming, I connect a WD external disk full of my ripped FLAC disks directly with USB.
Hey guys. I recently bought a MacIntosh MA8900 and wish to add a streamer for ripping CD's and storage as well as having Tidal capabilities for MQA at the hardware level and software. This streamer would be running through the on board DAC of the MA8900.
It is somewhat confusing when shopping for those features. Thus far I have found only one serious candidate in the Cocktail X45. I wish to stay in the $2500 + or - cost area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I use the Google mesh system with my Vault 2 (no wireless) and it works fine.  Also very easy to configure with iPhone/iPad app.
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A couple months ago after my last Mac update I had stop using the 2.4 WiFi and started using the 5g.  
I have been trying to make streaming work for years. Tried macs and PCs, JRiver, Sonos, Blusound, Apps on HT Receivers and a few of the high end brand streamers.

Nothing was really worth sticking with. Either the sound quality sucked or besides Sonos, the interface was clunky



If anyone has stressed and struggled with this issue, you owe to yourself to try one.

Streaming Qobuz or Tidal into a good DAC is now approaching a the sound quality of an expensive vinyl rig. It’s so enjoyable that I find myself rarely playing records now.

They also double as music server so you can ripped all of your CDs to the Innuos as well.

They are very affordable too, starting at $1,250.
Labguy I felt your pain , myself recently transitioning away from using a transport I easily got confused over all the options and opinions what next step I should move to ripping music and or streaming .
Thinking about it with “user conveniences set aside whatever direction I went it had to be an overall sound quality upgrade.

Initially my budget was six grand however with some in store and home trials including help from some local audio friends I ended up purchasing a Black Friday special in store demo Cocktail Audio x50 server with SSD drives to start with .
It will due for now , I view these things as computer parts in a nice looking box though some have proprietary designs here and there in them I question how much are you willing to spend on it .
As for streaming the industry would love to get everyone signed up to a monthly subscription .

I enjoy playback of ripped CDs as much and more then listening to them using a transport and the convenience of use managing my music with an iPad ,. Forget about it,.

And best of all you don’t need to rely on a “IT” guy for help though pretty much any 14 year old would qualify I’m satisfied for now .

@badger Check out the Innuos.  It has an integrated CD ripper and 1 TB hard drive.
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My 2 cents:  I'm on the path to buying a Lumin U1 Mini streamer to replace a Windows laptop that's running JRiver, but I'm pausing at the added complexity and loss of functionality.  As far as I can tell, all these streamers lose Internet browsing for content and replace it with a sandbox like TuneIn.

To me, JRiver makes a great control point that can be run remote with JRemote on Android or iPad, but they're going to lose the game if they don't provide seamless integration to Tidal, Amazon high-res and Qobuz because that's where many audiophiles are headed.  Why?  When I got Qobuz it instantly obsoleted my ripped CD's or at least made them redundant.

The hardware issue is whether a laptop reduces sound quality compared to a dedicated streamer.  Yes, there's noise in the laptop, and usually a basic USB port, but there's many products that will cleanup that USB signal and provide pristine input to the DAC. E.G. SOtM and Sonore.

Yes, I hate the bloat of Windows, but it's simple to bring up JRiver as the only media interface you need.  Do I really want to enter the new world of brain-numbing acronyms and arcane network lingo.  The sofrware issue is whether JRiver can provide that total control point and I just don't know what the upcoming version has.

Bottom line: I just want to be an audiophile sitting in a comfortable chair with my Android tablet and effortlessly choose the amazing set of sound sources now available played with maximum quality. Still not convinced the streamers give me completeness.