Help i'm lost... what cd player to buy ??

ok here is the system i will get ( only have om-10 for now )

Classe CAV-75 or bryston sb4 *2 ..
Mirage OM-9 to replace om-10 in front and put the OM-10 in the back ..

i plan to get a bryston Sp1 pre/proc if money is there later on and i can get a good deal ..or maybe even classe SP30

this system will mainly be used for stereo CD musci at ~90% of time..and the rest for DTS- DVD and games ..

SO i need to get a good cd player to use with my current WOW AKAI 1970 receiver :p hehe and my OM-10
i do not wish to spend 1000$USD on a cd player, so i'm really ocnsidering to get a used player..
but i want it to be a good player as it will be part of my system later on :) ..

i was considering a nakamichi MB-10 or MB-8 ..cause it's pretty cheap..and almost everybody told me that the sound is great..

but i do not think it seriously would be up to the point that it could be used with the kinda PRE and AMPS i am planning to get ..
mmy listening room now is quite small..but i wanna keep this equipment for later on when i'll buy my condo and have a larger living room to listen to music ..

what would be a good CD player investment ??
and how much should i be paying for it!

thank you!!!

JIN :)
If you do not want to spend a lot of money, a good choice brand new is the Cambridge Audio D500SE. Comes with a Crystal 24bit/192Mhz DAC. List is $480. Can be purchased new for $399 at; and some demos available at all the time for $350 ($429 new at AA). AudioAdvisor has a 30 day return policy which could allow you to demo it. I can also state that Dick Moulding at Spearit in Northampton, MA is first rate. Been buying from him for over 20 years.

Jin- Check into a used Sony XA7ES. For about $800 used, it's a bargain of a CD player, and a very good transport if you decide to use an outboard DAC at a later date. Good luck.
thanks both ..

i was thinking of something more in the 500$ rpice range..
but something that was worth little more when new..

there is one problem though
i cannot relly try it on my current system as my amp is a relly really old (***)akai 1970 something..

so i can't demo anything and test to see if it pleases me..

that's why i want a lot of feedback from you people here that know there stuff more than me :p

so i can purchase something that i'll be using and that i'll like :)

is it worth to invest on a SACD player ?
or should i just get a cd player ?

one ohter thing i was thinking about..
would the sony SACD/DVD 999ES i worth it ?
i know it's more than 500$
probly in the 800-900$ but it's a nice DVD at the same time..+ SACD .. what do you think ?

tanx again!
I own a Sony 9000ES and for CD it is not that great. Sounds really good with SACD. Does anyone know the name of the entry Musical Fidelity CD player? The one below the X-ray? Its the same player in a regular box. The thing lists for $995, and is supposed to be gold. Check out Stereophile's review. They loved it.
Jinn, stay away from the SACD route. Unless you spend megabucks, and are willing to listen to the same 10 or 15 discs all the time, it is not worth it. Get as good a CD player as you can afford, if you're looking for new then I second the Cambridge Audio D500SE or the Musical Fidelity, or consider the Ah New Tjoeb! CD player from Upscale Audio for $479 (Upscale Audio also sells Musical Fidelity now, so you can ask them some questions about the two players; If you're looking for used at around $500, consider the CAL Icon Mk III or the Rotel 971 or 981 (can't remember which is the current model) or some of the NAD models. I think you can even find NAD new for $500. Then buy yourself a separate DVD player and a rack big enough to hold both. That way you will get the best sound for playing CDs for the least money, at least in my opinion. Don't get a Nakamichi CD player.
Hmm, used for $500. Not much. For Cambridge used do not overlook the CD6 which was $650 new. Still a great player used for around $300 to $350. (Spearitsound has one). There is also the Rotel RCD971 probably $400 used; and the Rega Planet.
I agree get the sony dvp9000es. You get SACD, CD and DVD.

Pretty cool all arround player.
The Musical Fidelity A3 cd that Argent mentioned is really nice. You might find it used for around $750 (its $995 new), but they very few are resold. Upscale audio is selling all the MF gear these days.
Listen to anything and everything. Then buy the one that sounds best to your ears and your ears alone.
wow so many brands and different players..
how can u guys know wich are the best for thr $$$ ?
u tested them all ? ahah ;p
i have to find a good place for stereo stuff
all the places around here only sells HT stuff
never stereo pre amp or good cd players..only dvds and receivers :p
i wanna test things more..

Doug28450 : i think u are right
i'm gonna try and test all the players that u guys recommended me :)

but i have one question..more ...technical!

what are the prerequisites ? the things that it must do and have ... and wich brands to stay away from ?

thanks again and again :)
i have an idea.. if i get the nakamichi MB-8 wich is 5 discs with a digital output ... could i use an external DAC later on ?then it would bypass the internal dac of the naka??
so i could get a low high-end DAC and have super sound with the NAK ??

cause neway all that system i wanna get i dont' have now..
and i'm currently playing CD's from my computerwith and old AKAI 1970 receiver wich sounds warm but make some funky noises in the sound .. so i need a better cd player now ..
and i ain't rich for now :)

that's the only reason i was considering the NAKA at 150$

so please tell me..will it sound good with and external DAC later on ??
and how much are great low high-end DAC's ?

thanks :)
See my ad for my original heavy-transport Rotel 855.
As for you question about what makes a good CD player good, there used to be a really cool write-up on the Mark Levinson site about what they find important about CD player technology. I know my next comment might spark some heated debate, but I'll say it anyway: you get what you pay for. Audio is one of those limited industries where cost within a product class does for the most part translate to better sound. Now, how much quality for how much cost?--hard to say. That's where the listening comes in. Some prices are overblown. Some of the cost differences are extreme for not much sound improvement. Find your price point, and then listen and decide.
Given your circumstances/price constraints, I think you might fair very well for starters finding yourself a good deal on a Pioneer Elite PD-65 player. Later, if and when you are so inclined/as funds permit, this stand alone player will make for an excellent transport to be mated with an outboard DAC, the MSB Link DAC units (readily available used) being the likely budget/value selection of choice. A wealth of mods/upgrades are available for both units that will further enhance their level of performance.