Help, I have a short in my Rega RB 900 cable

I just set up my RB 900 on my new Sota Star and listened to it. I have no right channel. I got out a continuity tester and the green and red leads both light up regardless of whether I touch the pin or the outside of the RCA jack I touch. The problem is the cable is bonded into the tonearm and comes out of the bottom of the arm already in the Klotz cable. How can I find out where the short is taking place? I also don't know how to get a hold of Rega to ask them about the problem. Can some of you vinyl junkies help me?
If you are unable to diagnose and correct the problem on your own, you might want to contact Lauerman Audio Imports, which is the US importer and distributor for Rega products. Here's the contact info:
Lauerman Audio Imports, 519 Noelton Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919. Tel: (423) 521-6464. Fax: (423) 521-9494.
I sent my RB900 arm to California for the Incongnito cable installation to replace a broken wire in the RB900. On the recommendation of an audio friend, I had the Expressimo Heavyweight and end stub installed at the same time. That was good advice.
This is what I heard after the first 20 hours of play.
1) The absence of noise is the first thing that I noticed. There is more space around instruments and a change in sound stage. The harmonics from the notes from each instrument are clearer.
2) The top end is more open. High-end notes are cleaner and don't wash over the music. Minor record-groove pops no longer "ring" at the top end.
3) My tower speakers are producing tighter, lower notes with clarity and refined harmonics.
4) The needle tracks like crazy with the new weight. It does not hit minor record-groove pops like a car hitting a speed bump at 33 mph. Consequently, I find that minor pops are less noticeable.
5) I am playing records that I had relegated to my "B" stock and finding renewed enjoyment in them. The music on many of these records, while engaging, was smeared by noise and it was fatiguing.
6) The heavyweight warrants special mention. It is elegant, beautifully machined and I am convinced that it results in higher performance.
The wiring upgrade to the RB250 and RB300 is a no-brainer. The ROI on the upgrade of the RB900 with the Heavyweight is very high when you consider the improved sound and access to previously unlistenable records.
Here's the contact info: Expressimo Audio • P.O. Box 8303 • Eureka, Ca 95502 Tel: 707-445-4660 • Talk to Sal. Feb 17, 2002