HELP! I bought equipment drunk, don’t know anything.

So I woke up with a very sore head and depleted bank account this morning.

Recently bought an Audiolab 6000a and Elekit TU-8500 tube preamp. I’ve never owned a preamp before and I hope they’re compatible for my KEF Q11.

I then had a few bottles of wine...

Woke up and saw I had purchased a passive pair of Bryston A2.

Will the amp be able to power the speakers? I don’t listen to loud music. 
Please help this idiot. 
sns, "don't you boys know any nice songs"? Always cracked me up!
It’s Friday night 8 pm eastern time and 5 pacific, and everywhere in between. What are we all purchasing tonight…?
Bottle of Irish whiskey. Need cables
Audio shops are closed now keep some drink for Monday
Salesman must be a winner.  Look at it this way, Some people buy the Same equipment sober at least you have a excuse.