HELP! I bought equipment drunk, don’t know anything.

So I woke up with a very sore head and depleted bank account this morning.

Recently bought an Audiolab 6000a and Elekit TU-8500 tube preamp. I’ve never owned a preamp before and I hope they’re compatible for my KEF Q11.

I then had a few bottles of wine...

Woke up and saw I had purchased a passive pair of Bryston A2.

Will the amp be able to power the speakers? I don’t listen to loud music. 
Please help this idiot. 
Ronniewills, not to be flippant, as I believe you're being honest, and you could have done much worse in the purchase department!  And I get it, I've had the drinking issues as well. But have you considered open mike night at comedy club, I love the one where you mentioned GLUEING the Elekit together, love it! I'm not being facetious, but I suspect you're a natural at making people laugh. Not too many could get on here and admit to the silly things they've done, drunk or not.

I've never purchased audio equipment when on mind altering substances, but I've had many a listening session when under the influence. Neighbors pounding on walls yelling 'turn it down,' thought I was listening to Frank Zapa's Joe's Garage.
Talk about spending like a drunken sailor,did you get a tattoo?
Thank goodness, no. I wasn't part of that and wouldn't inflict that on anyone. It was just something my neighbor told me.

All the best,

sns, "don't you boys know any nice songs"? Always cracked me up!
It’s Friday night 8 pm eastern time and 5 pacific, and everywhere in between. What are we all purchasing tonight…?
Bottle of Irish whiskey. Need cables