HELP! I bought equipment drunk, don’t know anything.

So I woke up with a very sore head and depleted bank account this morning.

Recently bought an Audiolab 6000a and Elekit TU-8500 tube preamp. I’ve never owned a preamp before and I hope they’re compatible for my KEF Q11.

I then had a few bottles of wine...

Woke up and saw I had purchased a passive pair of Bryston A2.

Will the amp be able to power the speakers? I don’t listen to loud music. 
Please help this idiot. 
Please do not sit down to assemble the Elekit with a bottle of your favorite wine at your side. Maybe a glass or two will be OK, but after that I predict the odds of installing a capacitor bassackwards with rise 15 percent with every additional glass. But I sympathize with your predicament. I had a small stroke in 2019 and found my impulse control lacking afterward. I distinctly remember clicking the “Buy” button for a PS Audio Directstream DAC for “just” $4,000 — roughly the combined cost of my amp and speakers — and then wondering what the hell I’d been thinking. I sounded so nice I kept it, so I hope you have the same happy ending.
I believe AA could be your friend. 
Thank you jfuquay for the sage advice! A $4000 accidental amp purchase would be my dream as i’d also be single again and have plenty more time to enjoy the accident!

Not assembling anything just yet. Just plotting and building it in my head at this stage. Bit more reading on potential tweaks to caps etc. There is so much info out there I should’ve known before l launched. But then there always is and the journey has to kick off somewhere. To happy endings.

Have dad duty calling but will film the build and post a vid on youtube with all the kit I bought but haven’t met yet when it comes.
Long time lurker.

Best thread ever.

18 years of sobriety today.

Have learned that I don't need to be drunk to [insert wildly impulsive audio purchase here]. At least I wake up and remember now lol.
Can i plug an amp line out into the preamp line in, then run the preamp out back into the poweramp in? Or will that create a blackhole?
You certainly should not run an amplified out from your speaker taps on the amp back into a line level input on a pre.  I used to do that and called it "wiring amps in series" but it's a seriously dumb thing to do and it doesn't increase power or do anything else other than impress your college roomates that you can splice a speaker wire back into an RCA jack.

If you are talking about a line out - say a tape loop or preamp out, you can do it. Depending on the topography of the gear, daisy chaining all this together could dilute the signal and degrade quality.  And bluetooth is generally not considered quality.

One thing I like about Roon for digital is that you can use their zone functions to duplicate a signal through multiple DACs and still have them synched, which allows more tinkering.  

Have fun!  I second the idea of not drinking heavily while soldering, but there are of course other intoxicants that might enhance your experience.