HELP! I bought equipment drunk, don’t know anything.

So I woke up with a very sore head and depleted bank account this morning.

Recently bought an Audiolab 6000a and Elekit TU-8500 tube preamp. I’ve never owned a preamp before and I hope they’re compatible for my KEF Q11.

I then had a few bottles of wine...

Woke up and saw I had purchased a passive pair of Bryston A2.

Will the amp be able to power the speakers? I don’t listen to loud music. 
Please help this idiot. 
Could be worse, you didn’t get married…
Incredible, as in not credible.
Thank you WTF325! Haha. Not quite the M3 but, yes - something to fear and look forward to at the same. Would recommend.

Learn the hard way and have a story to tell on a forum one day.

No ball rash, not gambling, haven’t told the missus, didn’t crap in  the bed, still breathing.

Serious question though -

My 6000a can be used as an intergrated amp, a preamp or a power amp with a separate preamp. Amp also has Bluetooth.

I have an old valve preamp that i want to run the Bluetooth signal through.

Can i plug an amp line out into the preamp line in, then run the preamp out back into the poweramp in? Or will that create a blackhole?
Just opened the Elekit box. Interesting. A few more bits of parts than I imagined, to be honest. Kidding sit down. They say only 4.5hrs to build. I reckon 5
<<No ball rash, not gambling, haven’t told the missus, didn’t crap in the bed, still breathing>>


Thanks ronniewills launching this thread.

All the best