Help! I am need a reasonably priced music server/player

All: I have a CuBox with a USB CD Drive and an eSata 500GB SSD attached. I have installed OpenElec/Kodi so that I can use the external SSD to store all of my CDs that I rip into FLAC files. I had it "sort of" working and was able to rip several CDs. I connect the CuBox via Toslink spdif to a Musical Fidelity V90 DAC that feeds my Cayin A-50t Integrated Tube Amp connected to newly upgraded Monitor Audio Silver 1 Speakers (I used to have Wharfedale Diamond 220s). The Monitor speakers are still breaking in but it sounds awesome!

My dilemaa, I had to upgrade to a new version of Kodi because of stability problems and now it won't rip CDs anymore. I am exhausted trying to get this to work.

Can anyone recommend a fanless box that I can connect my CD Player and SSD and software that will allow me to both RIP CDs as FLAC files and play them back?

Volumio, Rune just play files, I'd like software that can both Rip and play. I've looked at JRiver which seems to be a fit but am not sure what Hardware to get, I'd like to stay away from using a USB connection to my DAC.

Any recommendations? 

Thanks in advance
I can only recommend the Aurender X100, you can buy them with as little as 1TB (more affordable) of internal storage and go all the way up to 12TB (expensive). You have to connect it to your router with a Ethernet cable to stream and access Tidal (built in) and it has no DAC, so you have to connect it to a outboard DAC using the USB audio 2.0 (best connection). Once you have this X100 you can connect via USB input a NAS drive and you can use a Notebook or PC to rip and then transfer music files direct to Aurenders internal storage and playback everything using the awesome Conductor App!

Did I mention how incredibly gorgeous it sounds?

Matt M
Thanks - I was looking for a lower cost solution, but I appreciate your responding to my questions.