Help Hum Noise left channel with ear phono preamp

I need Help I am getting Hum Noise left channel only with ear phono 834p phono preamp. The hum increases as volume is turned up. The hum is modest in nature. The use of a cheater plug or changing outlet or repositioning power chord did not change amount of hum. You cannot hear hum when music plays and sounds wonderful . But lower noise floor probably sound even better so want eliminate hum. I also tried swapping cable coming from tonearm to ear phono preamp and noise remained in left channel. I have run tonearm cable into different solid state phono/linestage
And there was no hum.

Is the problem likely a noisy tube in the ear phono?


Try swapping your interconnects from Phono to pre and see if the noise moves..It could be a tube also..Take a spare 12ax7 and try ( one at a time ) each position tube and see if anything changes..The 834p ( I own one also ) has a history of issues with the Cheapo IEC and try re-plugging the Power cord and also check the wire connections inside for the Noisey channel.