Help: How to connect my stuff?

I have a Yamaha HT5280 5.1 receiver, toshiba sd5109 DVD player, a pair of Paradigm studio 60 and a pair of Paradigm studio 20 and paradigm studio CC. Recently I got Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier, Rotel RCD-961 CD Player and Rotel RB-990 amplifier. As Rotel RB-990 is only a 2 channels amplifier, I want to use it to drive Paradigm studio 60 front speakers. However I still need Yamaha HT5280 to drive other speakers. What's the best way to hook all of them to get both DVD and best CD music playing?

Question 1: can I hook front speaker line out of Yamaha HT5280 to Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier and then to Rotel RB-990 amplifier?

Question 2: supposed I can do question 1, which one is better, hooking Rotel RCD-961 CD Player directly to Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier or first to Yamaha HT5280 and to Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier?

#1 will work. What you will need to do is when you select your
Yamaha input on the Adcom, set the volume to knob a easy to remember point, such as 12 o'clock. Then you can balance your channels for Dolby, etc. Now whenever you want to watch a movie, simply set the volume to 12 O'clock and your channel balance should be fine. This way, when watching movies you will use the Yamaha for volume control.

#2 connect your CD directly to the adcom, no need for 2 preamps in the chain, it can only degrade the sound.

Only caution: Make sure and turn the volume on the adcom down before listening to the CD, or you will get a loud surprise!

1-You really should strive to have the same amplification to all 3 front speakers (just like having matching fronts) to get
2-Having dual volume controls involved is a pain. The volumes will never match, period.
3-Don't underestimate the toshiba. If you do a side by side, is it worth using the rotel cd?
4-The rotel will crush the yamaha in quality. Why not sell off the yamaha, rotel cd& adcom pre and put the money into one nice 5.1 pre-amp(rotel, adcom or similar. Its a big step but will make you much happier. Also, think of how much you will save in using fewer interconnects?
Yes, you can do as described in your "Question 1". It's actually not that difficult if you look at it this way:

Build a good 2-channel system for music, then add HT functionality. So, for the 2-channel system, set up the Rotel CD player connected to Rotel pre-amp connected to Rotel Amp. Connect your front L&R main speakers to the Rotel amp. OK, you now have a good 2 channel music system.

Now, add HT. Connect the L&R front main pre-outs from the Yammy receiver to an unused input on the Rotel pre-amp. Connect the Tosh DVD player to the Yammy receiver via a digital cable. Connect the center, surrounds and sub woofer to the Yammy receiver.

You will now need to calibrate the multi-channel outputs again as you now have different amplifiers driving your front L&R speakers. As stated in an earlier reply, select the correct input on the Rotel that corresponds to the inputs from the Yammy receiver. Set the volume control on the Rotel to a pre-defined position like "top dead center". Run the calibration signals on the HT receiver and set the output level of the speakers to the correct and equal volumes for each speaker.

When you want to listen to 2-channel music, simply turn on the Rotel pieces and enjoy. For HT, select the appropriate input on the Rotel, set volume to top dead center, turn on receiver, pop in a DVD and enjoy.

If you look at the Rotel system as a free standing 2-channel music system, it makes sense. Also, if you look at the HT system as a typical HT system, but with an add on "power amp" driving the mains, it still makes sense. The only consideration is the volume control. If you always have the volume control on the Rotel pre-amp set to top dead center whenever doing anything with the HT system, it will work just fine.


Thanks for everyone's suggestion. Really appreciate.