Help How do I ship Maggies??

UPS and FedEx ground won't accept the maggie 3.5r-size box (72"x30"x8"). Anyone use a trucking firm to transport inter-state? Any help is most appreciated
You need a feight service. I have had good experience with BAX Global. Phone: 1-800-CALLBAX ; Website: .
About a year ago, I bought a pair of used Vandersteen 3A's from Audio Connections in New Jersey, and they shipped the speakers using a trucking firm that has given them good service. You might call Audio Connections and ask them for the name of the trucking company they use.
Thanks for your responses. Looks like BAX global is it.
Not sure where you live but check into an Air Freight company at your airport. They will probably be faster and cheaper than ground service. I sent a pair of JBL S8R Olympus' (250 lbs. each and big) 1500 miles using air and it was the most economical way to go. Believe it or not.
That's strange. I've shipped Maggie 20, 3.6 and 1.6 via
FedEx. Perhaps it's that you need to take the box to one
of their locations...and the person on the other end might
have to do the same?