HELP hooking up component and speakers.

I have two systems. Home Theater with my NAD 773 Receiver as the center of that system. My second system is my 2 channel Dynaco ST-70 and PAS3 preamp. I want to use my Von Schweikert VR2 front speakers for both systems. How do I hook them up where I can run the 2 channel system in the afternoon and fire up a movie at night? I cant just run speaker wire from both amps, can I? Do I just need to unhook and plug in the speaker wire for the system I am using at the time?
I believe the NAD has pre amp outs, take the two main speaker outputs to an aux input on your pre and just set the volume at the same level every time you use it for ht. There are many threads on this and it's really very easy to do. That's what I'm doing now too.
Good luck
Um. I guess I am dense. A little more help please.
Look on the back of your receiver and there should be pre out jacks. Run the 2 main out puts via rca cables into an unused input(other than phono)in your Pass pre amp. Switch your pre to that source every time you use your ht system. You just need to have the volume, on the Pass set at the same position every time you set your levels and watch movies/tv. You don't need to mess with the amps or speaker wires. If you need additional help, send me an e-mail and we can connect over the phone. Happy to help.

Just to clarify a little more, the front speakers will not be hooked up directly to your receiver, they will always be driven by the Dynaco. If you have an issue with this, then you will have to switch the speaker wire all the time or get a switching unit.

Thats what was messing me up with what you are saying. The little Dynaco cant keep up with a movie. So, I will need to swap the speaker wires between the systems? What about one of those speaker selector boxes in reverse?
See my thread entitled "amp switcher." The Niles SPK-1 should do the trick for you.