Help: Hook up Sony DVP-S9000ES

I just got the Sony DVP-9000ES,and need help how to connect to the Classe SSP25.
1/ Do I have to have 2 cables (Digital Cable for DVD, and IC for Super CD)or do I need any one of them in order to play both DVD and Supper Audio CD? I ask this question because in the manual says that "SACD audio signals are not output from the DIGITAL OUT OPTICAL or COAXIAL connectors"
2/ Which one is the best to use: Optical or Coaxial?
3/ If I want to bypass the Sony's DAC and use Classe's DAC,which output should I use on the Sony: Digital or Analog?
Thanks for your help
All SACD outputs on any brand SACD player are analogue only, so for SACD playback you must use rca analogue interconnects, (on the 9000ES use the analogue left and right outs) They haven't agreed upon a digital standard yet. You can only bypass the DAC's on the Sony via the digital outs. You can then choose between DAC's for CD playback by switching inputs on your preamp from "DVD" to CD and picking whichever sounds best. General consensus is that coaxial sounds a bit better than optical. Good luck.
I also found that the coaxial sounds better then the optical. Also I found that the DAC in the Sony is pretty bad, I would recomend using the digital out into your Classe, for redbook and DVD, as far as SACD goes, I would not go out of your way yo get them. They are OK but a good Redbook disk is less fatigueing to listen to, to my ears any way. Just try switching back and forth and listen to what you think sounds best, it is really easy to do that with that player. Good luck, Tim.
Tireguy,something is amiss if your experience with CD is superior to SACD, it just isn't so. Hope your doing well. Martin
I am simply saying that a CD(properly recorded) w/ a good DAC will sound strikingly similar to a normal SACD, in other words I would rather invest in CD's and enjoy most any title I want then try to focus on SACD and there 500(?) or so titles. I enjoy the few SACD's I own, but am not planning on expanding the collection any more. Talk to Carl over at Audio Unlimited, he will instill upon you-as he did me-the reasons he feel it is not worth the time to 'get into' SACD, not saying it is a bad format, just not a realistic option at this point, well for me at least. Take care~Tim
Tim, once you get your 9000ES modified by Dan, you will enjoy redbook CDs even more, BUT, you will change your mind about SACDs. Well-done redbook CDs are VERY enjoyable, BUT, a well-done SACD is quite a bit superior to the well-done CD. SACD, in the right system, simply moves you a notch or two higher on the emotional involvement scale. You should feel optomistic; you have some good things to look forward to ;-). Enjoy your holidays. TK
Tim, it took me a while to really understand the effect SACD has. After listening for months I really can't stand that any CD I might want isn't available in a CD/SACD
format. I have listened extensively to DCS upsampled CD's and love the improvement, but once you A-B the same tracks in SACD, the SACD wins every time. It is an across the board improvement, not a partial one.
I'll keep that in mind, perhaps try to give things a more open mind. Regards,