Help High Quality iPod/iPad Cable Wanted

I recently upgraded my car stereo to a JVC Arsenal KD-HDR79, which features a USB port on the front for connecting your iPod. What I am looking for is a high quality 30 pin iPod/iPad to USB cable to connect my device to my stereo. I have been using the stock Apple cable, which has worked fine, but it is coming apart from use.

I would like to find a good quality, thicker, durable cable, preferably gold plated. I cannot believe I have not been able to find one on the internet! Not even from Monster Cable!

Please share your suggestions.
I cannot believe I have not been able to find one on the internet!

I can't believe it either !!!!!!! Look harder !!!!!!! :)
Go to and query. You will find a lot of choices.
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ZuPromos, the eBay entity for Zu Audio, is blowing out a wide selection of Zu Mission iPod cables. These were designed to compete at the $299 level, but if you check the completed listings, they're going on eBay for $40-55 with free shipping, full factory warranty, and Zu's standard 60-day return period.

These are superb. I already had a RAM Electronics dock-to-RCA cable and I now have two Zu mini-to-RCA cables. Although the Ram cable bypasses the iPod's internal vol. control op-amp, the Zu cable trumps it in resolution and smoothness for a very few dollars more. The RAM's an excellent cable at the money but these Zu's are a steal.

When I got the first Zu, I plugged it into my iPod Classic and started playing through the LR stereo. My wife immediately noticed the difference and commented that the music almost sounded like an LP.

The RCAs are gold-plated but the mini-plug is something else. I wouldn't worry about that, though as they're completely corrosion-resistant and sound superb.