help, has anyone heard the ayre ax7 integrated??

im thinking of one for merlin tsm
No, but if it is anything like their (now discontinued) V-3 ss power amp, it should be a superfluous performer. Musical, detailed, refined, with excellent tonal balance and a natural presentation.
I love Ayre gear, and I would guess that this is a great solid state integrated amp. The AX-7 is what I would buy for a 2nd system if I had the urge for a second system.

YOu can see my Ayre gear at the following link:

BTW, as a company I think Ayre has no weak components. They make great digital sources, preamps, and amps. Not too many companies can say this.

The ax-7 is a nice unit. It is very musical and makes a nice match with the arye cdp. The integrated is compact and easy to use. Probably my only knock on it is that it lacks enough power to drive certain types of speakers. But other than a lack of power its a nice piece. Should work well with merlins.