Help Graham 2.2 Arm lift

The arm lift of my Graham 2,2 tonearm no longer lifts the arm adequately above the record surface. I have tried to find a hexkey for the arm but to no avail. The tools with the arm do not appear to be the correct size, too small or too big. Also, if this loss of lift is the result of a loss of oil, how should I replenish it?

The arm was purchased new with my Teres TT and has not seen any abuse due to shipping or handling issues.

You need to use a hexkey to raise the columnar armlift.
Get a bunch of small hexkeys to find one that fits.

Good luck, Randy
The right way to fix this is to get the right hex key and make the adjustment, as your posting implies you already considered. I don't know what the right size hex key is (assuming you have checked out that the correct tool is a hex key and not, say, some kind of screwdriver). I would recommend buying a set of small size hex keys from the hardware store; I almost never see them sold individually. One of them should be the right size.

If you don't want to buy hex keys, think about sticking some kind of plastic or thin foam strip onto the top of the lift beam, where it would touch the tonearm when you go to lift it. Several layers of thick tape, cut to the right size and shape could do the trick. The only potential problem with this is that your lift piston could be loose, so it would continue to sink over time, and you could wind up adding more and more tape.

If your lift piston is in fact a little loose, you could try gently pushing up on it from below with a finger, hopefully recovering the slipped vertical distance that way. Still, I would get the right hex key and tighten it down eventually. Good luck.
the correct hexkey size is 0.050 (sae).
Thank you all. The hex key was smaller than my smallest 1/16" and the hardware stores didn't have it alone or in sets. I actually had a couple hex keys much smaller in my kit.

Now that I know what size I am looking for, I will be able to get one at least on order. SAE 0.050 is the smallest conventional size I believe.

FYI, I failed at home depot, radio shack and True hardware, but the hardware store will order it for me.

Thanks to all again.

Thank you all very much. Key purchased and adjustments made. Good listening to all, especially cornfedboy. That was the key info 0.050 SAE.