Help: good value amp for Epos M12.2s?

I'm just putting a system together, mostly from Audiogon purchases. I now have a great sounding pair of Epos M12.2s (up on stands), a Music Hall MMF-5 turntable.

I'm looking for an amplifier (and a CD player) that would go well with these. I listen to a fairly even mix of blues/jazz/electronica/soul, appreciate detail and body in sound. I'm more concerned with lower-volume listening than cranking it up loud.

I know that the Creek 53050SE is hailed as the Epos perfect match, but I simply cannot afford the $900-1,000 that these go for used.

These are the speaker specs:
Power Handling 120 Watt Max
Frequency Response 58 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance 8 Ohm nominal
Sensitivity 87dB/1W/1m
Amplifier Compatibility 50 - 150 Watt

I have the opportunity to pick up a Cambridge Audio 540A for a very good price. It's rated 50W into 8ohms.

Is this going to be "enough" of an amplifier to appreciate what the speakers are capable of? Or should I hold out for the 65W 640A? Or, should I try to keep my eyes out for a used Creek 4330? Or, save up my pennies and get a Creek A50i, which is also rated at 50W? Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot!
If you are going for a smooth even sound, a classical or jazz listener, I would check out the Marantz PM 7200. The Creek would be better if you like a little more speed and punch.
Don't waste your money on Cambridge. Get the Creek A50i. Maybe a little more distortion and not quite as clear as the 5350 and also bass a little less clean but the differences are small.
What is total budget for the CD have a preamp already?
$800 for both CD player and integrated amp is what i'm looking at. already put in $600 for the speakers and another $400 for turntable.

what about the Creek 4330 option?

Yes to the Creek suggestions and I'd add to them the Audio Refinement Complete as a consideration for the amp. The Music Hall CD-25 is an amazing player for the price.
OK, I once again went with a slightly nicer equipment choice here - ordered a very gently used Creek A50i.
let's see if you'll are right.

now, what CD player?
CA 640C or NAD 542?
or something else? around $300-400 would be good...
You could try Marantz. From what I understand their older CD-63 was a bit bright, the newer stuff being better. I think NAD was known for its amps and Marantz for its CDP. Maybe you could get a used Stereophile "A" rated Marantz SA-8260 ($1099 new).