HELP Give Speaker Advice Please

Hello, I am running this past the crowd one more time.

I am looking for speaker advice for a very tight placement. I only have about 6 feet to spread them, and 1 foot from the wall. I know that some speakers are more touchy than others on this score. More info: One speaker will be about 4 feet from a side wall the other about 10 feet.

I like the sound of a full range speaker, but do monitors work better is this application? If I can do a full range, what should I consider? I can not change the room or these distances. I gotta work with what I have.

The good news is price is realy no object on speakers.


I have good equipment Air Tight Amp, Avid turntable, to go with the speakers.
Are these speakers going to be placed on top of a dresser or credenza (6 foot separation) or will they be placed on stands? Also, can the speakers be floorstanders? Are we talking a small; medium; or large sized room?

In general, for speakers that will be placed about a foot from the rear wall, you are best off going with acoustic suspension/sealed box design speakers (like NHT) or with front ported speakers (like Omega Loudpeakers or PSB). That being said ... the room size is the next critical piece of information, as you want to get speakers that will "fit" the room. Also, do you have a preference as to the overall sound character (musical; analytical; etc.)?

Let us know.

Regards, Rich
You need a very good monitor. Recommend B&W Nautilus 805 or Revel - I forget the model - Vandersteen 1's if you like the sound. These are forgiving regarding placement. The B&W or Revel are known for easy placement and monitors from these companies will not leave you wishing for a full range unless the room is large. You can always get a sub-woofer which is totally unfussy for placement.
My room is medium in size, it is a living room kitchen combination. Probably 500-600 sq feet with a vaulted ceiling.

The speakers can be floor standing, or placed on stands, there is no book shelf there.
Totem Arro's. Placement is okay to within 6 inches of rear wall. They can be placed to within 4 feet of each other. Check out Totem Acoustic website and FAQ section. The Arro's are floorstanders. Bass is suprisngly tight & punchy.