Help -Gallo Nucleus Speakers-binding post problem

I bought a pair of beautiful Gallo Nucleus Reference speakers. They arrived from FedEx this morning. When I pulled them out of the box, one of the binding posts was loose and wobbling around. That speaker is dead, I can't get any sound out of it no matter if I wiggle the post or move it around. The other speaker is fine.

Does anyone have any ideas how this problem could be fixed? There is no way to access the post from through the rear port without pulling out the driver and everything.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could get this fixed or what went wrong? Will FedEx pay for a repair bill?

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me!



Put in a claim with FedEx immediately. Was the shipment insured?

Also, contact Gallo if you purchased them new and they shipped them to you. Let them know what is going on. Take pictures of the speaker as well as the packaging. Does the condition of the packaging support a claim that the product was damaged in transit? Was it packaged securely enough ? If it was not packaged securely then you may have an issue with whoever packaged it.

I am really glad I've not yet had this happen as it sounds like a major PITA to process and rectify.
Yes, the shipment was insured. No, these are not new from Gallo, they're a pair of the Nucleus Reference II speakers that were listed here on Audiogon.

The packing was good and there does not appear to be any damage to the boxes but that doesn't mean they weren't banged during shipment. By the way, FedEx (Ground) says that you have to file a claim within 21 days. They have to inspect the merchandise and won't send an inspector out to my home so I would have to bring it to one of their locations and have them pick it up. I don't trust them to pick it up and take it out of the box in order to inspect it!

It would be great if I could locate someone in New York City who would be able to pull the driver out in order to see what happened with the connection. I don't think it is a major problem, just that the connection got broken somehow. I'll be calling Gallo on Monday to ask them for help. They got their start in New York, perhaps they'll do a good turn for me and fix this connection so I can enjoy BOTH of these beautiful speakers!


Doubtful a claim to Fedex would yeild any good result.---as in; not worth the effort. You'll only waste your time and become more angry. I expect Gallo should take better care of you. I doubt your speaker is the first-ever, with this problem.
I managed to unscrew the binding post from the sphere and I discovered that the wire was sitting right there near the hole. I was able to use a pair of tweezers to pull the wire outside of the hole a little bit and reattach it to the binding post. The end of the binding post has a tiny allen screw which had loosened, allowing the wire to fall off!!!!

The speaker plays fine now!!!!! If it weren't almost midnight, I would crank the music!

Any ideas on how to attach (non-permanently) the binding post to the sphere now that the nut has fallen inside. The seller suggested I run a wire lead to the wire hanging outside the sphere and push it back in because I have no way of knowing how much slack I have in that wire....

Wow, I can't believe I fixed it....