help from Australia pre-power amp valve

i have been addicted to finding the best sound (that i can afford). so please be patient with me. i have been slowly upgrading my system over the last few months. i currently have the following; blue note belvedere turntable, with linn k9 cartridge (will upgrade this cartridge when i can); unison valve cd player; totem hawks; siltech interconnect; naim audio a3 cables (will upgrade as well); amp is sugden a25. had grtaet service from the a25, but showing its age and lacking in bass & highs. i ahve tried looking at some local austarlian pre-power amps; some are ok, but dont give me the thrill/excitement. (i live in melbourne). i have been interested in the ASL hurricane reviews, and possibly to match the ASL aq 2001 (0r the aq 2002). please note that our dollar is 0.70 of the $US. postage is also high to get to aus. overseas models are usually 2-3 times what you pay there. a local maker in melbourne does dc phonostage which sounded good on my current system ,and i may go for that, so a pre-amp with phonostage not essential. i listen to classical, opera, jazz, blues, contemporary, rock.. alot of variety. my total outlay would be, say, $US4000 max. i dont mind second hand. i would be grtateful for your insight, as the more knowledge and experience is helpful. good luck guys.
go with Supratek in Australia
Im in Oz too...dont own it but reputation speaks volumes..supratek...forget trying to match this quality with anything the oz dollar buys..and mick doesnt inflate his domestic prices to match u.s.