help, fried a resistor

I was warming up my Sonic Frontiers p-2 the other day, and the resistor under the lv8 tube completely fried.
the value on the board was "5.1 .5%"
will any brand resistor do from a local electronics store?
is there any thing else that could have been damaged?

any advise would be greatly appreciated
You need to match the wattage as well as the resistance and tolerance. There is a big differnece between a 1/8 watt 5.1 ohm resistor and a 5 watt 5.1 ohm resistor.

While any resistor that is of the same ersistance, wattage, and to a lesser degree, type and tolerance, will work, I believe different brand resisttors have differnt sounds. Atma Sphere offers a Caddock resistor upgrade on their products. It doesn't change any component values, just the brand of resistor used. They claim it improves the sound, but that it is more of a tweaky thing. They openly admit it is a subtle improvement, and don't try to push it on customers at all, that it is only for those who want the absolute best.

There is a good chance the resistor cooked because the tube went bad. Although I'm no tube expert, I've read a number of posts on various forums about tubes going bad and taking resistors with them.

Hopefully, someone with more first hand technical knowledge will post to this, and fill in a bit more detailed info for you.
I had the same thing with a vintage HK power amp. First check the tube, my Ktt88 was bad then check the bias. I replaced the resistor with metal oxide 1% and I matched and replaced all of them on four tubes. Later after it was running for a few weeks I replace all caps with poly SCR`s and diodes also. But watch your Bias!! Good luck.
Resistors very seldom just burn up on their own. Something else failed that drew too much current and burned up the resistor. The most likely suspect is the tube it was attached to so that tube should be replaced too.

Some will claim that different types of resistors sound different so you should replace it with an original type. I don't think it will matter much. Your call.

In addition to the ohm value which I assume is 5.1 from your description, you also need the wattage rating. If its not labeled, you could remove the resistor and take it with you to the local store (assuming it's not a Radio Shack) and the guy behind the counter should be able to tell you what the wattage is. If not, get one that you are sure exceeds the original rating.
thank you for the info, i guess there are too many variables and i don't have the knowledge to do it myself. Like anything, changing the broken part is easy, knowing what to change is where the expertise comes in.
I think I'll check with "Parts Connexion", about having it fixed, I just hate being without it for a long period of time.
thanks again

I would call sonic frontiers and ask them about sending it back or for a local authorized repair. I would not trust anybody with that unit!! Myself I would send it back to the people who know the unit best. And from what I here Canadian companys give fantastic service. Good luck and be patient it will be worth it in the long run.
I sent an email to Chris Johnson, at Partsconnexion,(he was the designer of the amp). He replied right away, told me to list the apparant damaged parts, and that he would send me replacements to try.
Then, if it doesn't work, to send it up to him for repair.
Thanks for the replies, and I hope it becomes an easy fix because I hate the thoughts of shipping it out.
I dissagree with the earlier resistor comment, first off lets say a 1/2 watt resistor would not even be close to a 5 watt job, the difference is very clear. now a 1/2 watt and a 1 watt, no problem, even a two watt. A 5 watt would most likely be a huge hunk of concrete(lol) compared to what you have. 5.1 seems to be a precise value, so look for a 1% or at the most 2% value.