Help for those in Florida

After placing my order for a Sound Anchors amplifier stand, I received this e-mail from the company president, Robert Worzilla:

We have been open for one week after taking a direct hit from Hurricane Frances. Sound Anchors suffered no real property damage from this storm. However we shut down for 10 days due to infrastructure damage ( water, power phone or internet). More than half of our employees suffered major damage to their homes but no one was hurt. If you would have peeked out the morning after and seen all the damage you would have proclaimed it a miracle that no one was dead.

We are currently preparing for what is being predicted as a direct hit from Hurricane Jeanne. Hopefully GOD will protect us all from death, injury or major property loss and we will be back to work soon.

I expect at the very least we will be without power, phone and internet service for a few days so please keep trying if you experience difficulty contacting us.

Also if you have an order with us at this I am sorry that there will be a delay of the delivery of the delivery of your stands. I will not know how long until after the storm and power is restored

Thanks and best regards

Robert Worzalla
President Sound Anchors
P.S. Please say a prayer

If it is appropriate, I would recommend that we take this time to use this fantastic community to its advantage, and solicit the needs of those affected by this nasty series of hurricanes. Perhaps they need clothing, household items, canned goods, I don't know. Only they can tell us what they need. If this is not the place for such a forum, then I'm sure the responses will dictate that.

It simply occurred to me that this is a community that has come together at times for great causes beyond our bond in audio, and that there is no reason in my mind that these folks should have to suffer when we might have the means to help out.

All the best,
I agree Howard. I will be watching this thread to see what develops.
What we can do right now is continue buying Florida citus products in spite of the escalating cost to consumers. I only wish that fresh Florida products were sold where I live because it is the best!
I live in Pembroke Pines,FL. Right now as I'm writing this I can hear the strong winds blowing at my window.The sound is like you are inside a tunel or the sound of those mistery movies. I wish I had by now my X600 amp that I'm trying to buy here on audiogon :( Thanks everybody for the kind words. God Bless.
Audioparts here.

Just heard a crash. My next door neighbor just lost his screen enclosure for his pool...totally leveled. The wind is howling with 75mph winds..The rain is torential and this damn storm is spawning tornadoes. If you dont mind I would like to post updates, just to keep my mind of the potential disaster that this storm will cause ( as long as my net access stays on)
They are now estimating 3 weeks without power in the event you loose it....

Talk to you later

Choose one of the following two suggestions:

Buy some damn good insurance.

Hire some damn good movers.

You chose to accept the well-documented consequences of living in that area. Don't try to make it anyone else's problem.

Have a super day.
Starting to get some big gusts here in Orlando. My avocado tree is leaning over and will probably be down in a few hours. It's about 40 feet tall. That will make it the fourth tree down so far. Stu, where are you located?,

Nice guy.
Wear are in Lke WSorth, Palm Beach County. We just this minute got e;ectric, cable, tel and internet bach. Damage could have been much worse. The screen Enclosure is leveled, but we are all safe and sound. we will just make repairs and wait for ther next one. he insurance companies are next to no help. Down here they only offer homeowners insurance with either a 2 or 5 deductable for hurricane and wind damsg. Mjor deuctable out of pocket before they pay the first dime.
Good to hear all is well Audioparts.