help for quad position

hello guys, the next week my new quad arrive, my room is 13 1/2 x 20 1/2, my question is: i must use the short wall or the long wall? please help me. thanks.-
The long wall coz the distance from the side walls does't matter.The Quads can almost touch the side walls with no impact on sound quality. You need to bring them out into the room, hence as much distance from the front wall as is practical.
Hi Jopi88 What's model of Quad are you going to use,2805 or 2905 ? I hope you will hapy with them.
I have my Quads in a room about the same size as yours. I have mine placed on the short wall (firing down the length of the room), about 54" from the front wall (to the center of the speaker panel) and 22" to each side wall (to the nearest side panel of the speaker).