Help for preamp and phono stage. Tube options

I am taking so much time to make mind on which preamp and phono stage going for.
My set up is LP12, Kore, Trampolin II, Valhalla, Akito II, Adikt, Majik DSI, Power Amp accuphase A45, majik isobarik.
So far I'm tempted for something exotic I can find here in japan, like Uesugi U-Bros-28 or 31, or Sun Audio SVC 1000 or leben RS28CX. The last 2 impossible to listen with any of my component.
Any experience on the above and any recommendation?
I mostly listen to jazz and some rock music. Is tube a good idea to go with?
Your help as experts it's much appreciated!
Thanks alot,
All you're going to get is what the rest of us have, like or are trying to sell. Many of us love tubes, but sometimes they aren't done correctly (and price or name doesn't always mean anything). You have to understand that in the tube world, there really aren't new products or circuits. Like SS, it's the discreat components that are better, hence better sound...sometimes. Does the accuphase work well with tubes? Many of the true tec types will tell you that it's hard to match SS with tubes and visa versa. What is the cabling you are using? I've found, as have most, that it just as important as any other component you are using. I personally have found the AQ stuff to be the most neutral of anything I've heard, but some cables will tip up the top end (and often it's only distorsion) but people just think that's more revealing. Some will disagree with everything I'm posting. Are you able to get some of the tube pre's and put them in your system? That's the only true way that you'll be able to tell as the room is even more important. Just my 2 cents.
I know I am replying quite late to this post.. I eventually chose an EAR684 and the matching with the accuphase A45 sounds good, at least to my ears.
The cables I am using are Wireworld Eclipse thru the amps, and the speakers are connected with Linn cables K400, if I am not mistaken with the code.
SInce I live in Japan, I have the chance to get good prices on local products. And since I am about to leave the country early May I was wondering if getting one more Accuphase to bi-amp. I don't know if my only A45 is enough to drive the Majik Isobarik. I was thinking to add an A30, A45 or P4100.
Any advice? Do I need more power than one A45?
Thank you so much.
I was speaking with a Linn dealer yesterday. He has had the line in the past and is picking it up again. I have enjoyed the line as it's very musical. I asked him about set up and associated components and he said that in his opinion, he feels that using an all Linn system is best. Keep in mind that he also sells Ayre and Mac gear too among others. He said most of his customers just keep it simple as they love the Linn sound.

I remember hearing Linn last year at another dealer and he had the speakers triamped I believe. It may even have been an active system. I don't know Linn that well other than hearing it at my local dealers who carry it. It was highly musical and even dynamic when bi or tri amped. I don't know which. Have you heard it in a bi amped mode?
Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I eventually decided to keep my A45 power amp and will trade in my Linn MDSI and EAR864 preamp for a Linn Akurate DSM. It has also a very good phono stage. I heard the 2 pieces together and they sounded beautiful with a pair of B&W 804. My speakers have less efficiency: 88db vs 90 of the B&W but go much deeper. Several Linn experts and multi brand dealers believe is the preamp I should fix. In the future I might bi-amp with an additional Acccuphase or change the power amp to Naim, let's see. But I don't fancy much the sound of an all Linn system, the power amp make it too dry and lean eventually, even if bi-amped and Aktiv.