Help for connecting turntable

just bought new Technics SL-BD22D turntable. Connected to a Denon PMA-250SE Amplifier. Only get very minimal sound even on full volume. Have connected through Aux2/phono,have tried all other inputs and checked connections. What am I doing wrong.Fairly new to Hi-Fi seperates. Rob
What cartridge are you using? If you are using low output moving coil that could be a likely problem. If so, is the Aux2/phono input for moving magnet only? You would then need a step-up device. Have you double-checked all the connections as well? Richard
Rob: You may not even HAVE a phono stage on that input! Some equipments are optioned for phono stage, but if it's not installed then you only have a high-level line-stage input there. Plug in a tuner or CD player into Aux 2 & see how that sounds. If OK, it's only a line-input. If it's harsh & distorted then you are indeed overdriving a phono stage. If that's the case, then as Mr. Vantage says, you may have a moving coil cartrige connected into a moving magnet phono input. You would then need a step-up transformer. Probably cheaper to get a MM cartrige though. No offense, but I wouldn't expect a Techniques TT to come equipped with a higher-quailty & more expensive MC cartrige.
oops I forgot how to spell: CARTRIDGE. sorry, & good luck with your troubleshooting
Agreed with the above... swap the position of the input, if the result is the same -- get a new cartridge, a phono pre-amp or the proper step up device. Make sure that your gear doesn't have way to change the phono input.
thanks everybody for your advice, alot more to this Hi-Fi game than meets the eye. I've played the CD through the Aux 2 phono output and the sound is normal.Cartridge is a moving magnet. Not sure what I should do for the best, should I get a pre-amp or replace the cartridge, I'm on a limited budget so value for money is a priority. Thanks again Rob
Get a used Creek OBH-8 phono preamp. Actually, I have one that I may be willing to sell soon. If you don't get one in a week or two, let me know. I might be ready to sell mine by then. Good luck.
Rob due to your $ budget constraint, you wouldn't want to (or even need to) replace your moving magnet cartriDge. Your test-results indicate that, as I suspected, there's no phono-stage option in Aux 2 input. First thing: you might contact Dennon (directly or via your dealer) to determine the price/availability of the phono stage for your (integrated amp?) or preamp if that's what the PMA250SE is? Usually this is an optional circuit board, which is installed by plugging into a board-edge-connector, or just bolted-in & hardwire cable connected. If you're not comfortable with this, then a dealer or shop could do this for you & shouldn't charge you very much for the labor (if they want a lot of $ for the work, then be wary). Dennon might even handle this for you, or via an authorized service center. The Creek, or any other external budget-model phono-stage is a good way to go too. You don't need a fancy phono stage, since this is only a MM cartriDge, unless you might be upgrading in the future (phono gain: MM or MC setting is an internal option switch or jumper in better phono amps). But then with an external phono stage, you'll need another pair of interconnects to go with it, so probably for the lowest possible cost, explore the Dennon internal phono option first. Also: don't settle for a cheap KMart set of plastic interconnects; get something decent used/cheap, like maybe Kimber PBJ.
You could get a Rotel RQ970 Phono Preamp. New list is $200, used between $100 to $130. They are Stereophile recommended. There are also very inexpensive Moving Magnet phono preamps that sell for $31 dutch auction on eBay. Do an item word search on eBay "Bozak". The Bozak Madison phono preamp stage may be all you need if you just want to play old records.
Well,instead I have a similar problem.I used to use a Technic Slb-200,it was sort of okay,then I happened to have an old DM Logic 101 that I try to use two different arms,but the results are the same,flat no volume.Cd is okay. I use an old Dynaco S70 to power the midranges and tweters,an Audio research D-52B for the woofers,and the preamp is a Parasound P/Fet-900.One of the tone arms is a SME 3009 II with a Dynavector cartridge DV XX-1C MC.I replaced the tone arm with a Sumiko premier MMT with no success.Can you Guys keep elaborating on this. Gabe