Help for ALTIS centauri


a friend have the ALTIS centauri.
Now he lost the CD centering device -a small plastic washer, the upper part is cone shaped.
As ALTIS is out of business because the designer is dead,
I search for some service/spareparts.
Please send me some info,the centauri is a great transport and this little plastic nippel its now a major desaster....
Also i heard some owners replaced the original CDM12 INDUSTRIAL drive with the Cd-pro2LF.
Can somebody share his experience here with me?
I am a technician and can do it easily by myself,
If i get a little help and information.


Philips has upgraded the CD12 disc player more than once since the centauri came into existance.
The latest version will cost you about $400.00
It is very easy, you just have to swap the players. Unplug the old piece and plug in the new one. Philips did not change the dimensions or the shape of the new player. All the changes are in the circuit board and of course you will get a better laser pickup reading. Your transport will sing better than before.