Help for a novice in picking a preamp

I'm currently using a Musical Designs SP-2B pre with my McCormack DNA 125 and am having issues with lack of volume control. Other than Steve's preamps can anyone suggest a good match in the $1k range new or used.

I'm driving Vandersteen 1cs in a room about 14 x 20 and listen primarily to blues, folk and classical.
It sounds like your preamp has too much gain for your power amp. Unfortunately, I could not find any useful information in the manual for your preamp. If you're otherwise happy with your preamp contact the company and find out how much gain it has (find out the worst case output impedance as well -- always good to know). If the gain is in the 10dB range, then something else is probably wrong. If it's in the 15dB or higher range, you can use inline attenuators between the preamp and amp.
I agree with Bob. I would give John a call and let him know what is happening. I am sure he can help you out.