Help for a live music fan.

I enjoy listening mainly to live music recordings.  In particular I enjoy listening to live Greatful Dead, Dead and Company, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Rolling Stones......... I have a large cd collection of live recordings.  I am looking for a new audiophile system and am lost.  In a perfect world I would have my collection on a hard drive and sell my cd’s (mainly for space concern) and also could stream additional music.  The problems I have is not knowing where I can stream live music and how also what kind of system to go with my Wilkins and Bowers 702 S2 speakers.  I am looking at Naim Star and Bel Canto integrated streamer but just not clear on what to get and how to “use” it for my needs.  Any suggestions on both issues (the music and equipment) would be helpful.  
I bought a NAD 658 pre/dac/streamer recently, and think it's a landmark product. NAD makes it also with an amp, ergo an all in 1. Because it runs on Blusound OS it includes 20 ish streaming sources & online radio stations. Maybe 100s of sources. Every possible genre is in there somewhere. 

ps check out Donny Hathaway - Live