Help for a confused, sick newbie?

Here's my problem - I have a good sounding setup. But I keep looking for other things that might be better. And I have an instinct to simplify (get components that do more than one thing vs. having 6 discrete components and a river of wire).

Here's what I have:
- Snell Type A's (80-200 watts recommended, 4 ohms, 89 db sensitivity)
- Belles 400 power amp (400 watts at 4 ohms)
- Canary CA-960 tube preamp
- assorted turntables, DAC, phono stage, CD player

I can get a Rogue Cronus Magnum (90 wpc at 8 ohms) with an integrated MM phono stage for maybe a little more than what the Canary pre cost. If I get the Rogue, I will have a tube integrated that looks great, takes up far less space, stops me from fussing with components, and maybe sounds even better than what I have. There's no way for me to know unless I buy it and put it in the system. I won't be watching eBay auctions for Phonomena and Slee phono pre's.

Anyone have opinions on how the Cronus will compare with my monster SS Belles and nearly new Canary tube pre? Thanks in advance.

Of course, I'm probably lying to myself that the Cronus will stop my ho'ing.
I wouldn't do it. Not that the Cronus sounds bad or anything. It is just that the Type As are current hogs and a 90 watt tube amp is not going to satisfy that demand. I actually think that your current setup is a nice match for the Type As.

If you do go the Cronus route, I would not sell the existing rig until I got the new rig sounding right.

Money might better be spent on room acoustics or power delivery YMMV.
Thanks. I've come to my senses and decided not to purchase the Cronus. It was an amazing deal, but you're right - there's a reason why I purchased the Belles - because I knew the Snells, which I'm keeping, require a lot of power.
Agree with Viridian, probably a step back in your specific setup.

Personally though, I could live with a Cronus quite nicely though were I to build the system around it to match well, particular using more tube amp friendly speakers. It is a very good sounding and unique looking piece for reasonable cost that any audiophile worth their salt ought to take to.

Triangle, Focal, Audiokinesis, Magnepan, Tannoy, Klipsch, Zu, Tekton are just a few lines that offer relatively inexpensive options that work very well with tube amps in general. There are many others as well.

Toss a powered subwoofer or two in the mix to handle the lowest octave, if needed, and the world is your oyster regarding speaker options, including probably the current Snells.