Help for a Cheat!!

Can somebody please tell me how to use the little cheat (from Stereophile's Sept. '98 issue, page 155) that shows how to record regular CD-R's on Phillip's CD recorders rather than the more expensive consumer CD-R's.I don't have that issue. I would appreciate any input or advice. THANX.
If I remember rightly, you queue up the audio CD-R as if you were about to record on it, and then prise open the tray, replace it with the computer CD, close the tray and hit the appropriate button.
Or better still do it on your PC thus saving the draw and mechanism of your CD recorder. PCs don't care - they'll record on anything ie audio CD-R, non-audio CD-R 80 minute CD-R and even CD-RW if you have the right burner. Care though, not all players can read CD-Rs or especially CD-RWs. BTW, this probably breaks copyright law in every civilised country so I didn't tell you!! Enjoy your music, now in the listening room, the bathroom, the car .........