Help for a blind audiophile

I just purchased an internal MM phono board for my Creek Destiny Integrated Amplifier, but I'm having a devil of a time figuring out how to install it. I'm blind. I can sort of tell where it goes -- toward the left end of the amp as you are facing it from the front (with the cover off, of
course), and I'm guessing that it is supposed to go to the right of that little dividing wall, though I could be wrong there. On what I'm calling the dividing wall in the preamp, there are little plastic things that stick out on the left, with metal opposite them, while the board has a similar arrangement. Does this thing slide down (on one side or the other) with the prongs fitting into the holes in the base, or do the prongs go into place first and the board then snaps into place? Which side of the board faces which side of the wall? I'm at a complete (and frustrated) loss. I've never installed a computer board, so I don't really have a frame of reference on this. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Thanks for the kind idea, Wendell. But I've got a geek friend at work who should be able to do this for me, though probably not for a couple of weeks.(He don't know much about stereos, but he is good with computers, so I doubt this will be a problem for him.) Because I'm both impatient and stubborn, I thought I'd like to give it a try myself. I took a shot earlier, but I've given up for the evening. I've got an an external phono pre if I want to spin the black circle, though right now I'm playing a John Wesley Harding CD. Thanks, again.
Why not call the maker of the product first.

Get the instructions as to how to insert the board, and where exactly. What to look for and how it should be properly aligned and fastened into place.

Write these instructions and notes down so you have a step by step plan and can describe it to your compadre.

I have to do things such as this all the time. Instruct non electrical oriented folks as to how to do certain things for me as I to have a visual challenge.

Honestly, however, if this installation is much more than plug and play for the most part, having those instructions in hand and taking the piece to someone with experience working on audio video gear could be the more prudent choice. it likely won't or shouldn't be more than a bench fee... $35 - $50.

it might be worth if for no other reason than piece of mind.

Good luck
I'm 100 miles west of DC if that helps. Also you can send it to me and I will do it for free. You pay shipping.

I really do appreciate all of these kind offers -- and if I had a half a brain in my head, I'd try to find someone in my area -- but I really was hoping that someone could tell me if metal faces metal or if metal hooks into plastic -- and if this thing is supposed to slide down or snap into place. I'm betting that I could do it -- if I only knew how it is supposed to be oriented. But I don't want to keep trying if I've got it facing the wrong way or on the wrong side. Thanks.
Howard, I am also a totally blind audiophile. My fast rule is. . . if there is something that befuddles me, I call up the manufacturer. I have often played doctor and done minor bowel surgery -- short of resoldering -- to my equipment while talking to the manufacturer by phone. . . . I am still alive. . . and so are my components. Guido