HELP- Focal Speakers and Component Upgrades???

Im “newer” to to the forums but a long time “reader”. I’ve always enjoyed reading about other people’s audio journeys and I appreciate your input. Sorry for the long-winded question. Some background. 
I recently talked my wife into moving my all-tube 2 channel audio system into the living room. Reason being, the recent move to our new home finds the “man cave” on the second-floor and the acoustics sound like s@%! It completely changed the overall presentation to the point, I don’t want to turn my stereo on. The floor was acting like a “speaker”, lost bass, ridiculous sound leakage etc. Prior to that the stereo lived in a ranch home and sounded great. I was really happy and finally felt, I can live with the components in my system with no more G.A.S.
The new second-floor man cave is a “smaller” sized room, thus the bookshelves (Focal 807 W Prestige) an upgraded Chorus V. The system consists of a Cambridge Audio CXC cd transport to a Cary Audio 100t DAC x 2 NOS Mullard E188CC  (tube analog output stage) to an Audio Hungary 204 pre x 4 12ax7 NOS Tungsram to PrimaLuna (retubed) amplification. A total of 16 tubes in the signal path. I run a Kimber silver D60 coax from then cd transport to the dac. Acoustic Zen interconnects and power cables from a  
Gigiwatt Powerprime conditioner. Zu Libtec speaker cables. Are my speakers the “weak-link” in the system? Every component is in the 2k-3k range minus the cd transport. 
Now, the system is in then living room with proper cement floors in a “cavernous” space. Massive 2 story ceilings- 20’ +. The stereo sounds “better” but obviously will need a sub or 2 (REL) with the bookshelves. Now, for the kicker. I believe, I’ve talked the wife into LARGE floor standing speakers (can you believe it?) I do like the Focal sound, my dream speakers are Sopra No 2’s in electric orange. Yeah, I know, I’m weird but not sold on Focals as there’s a million options. 
I’ve always enjoyed the Focals, the metal tweet (al/mag) is shall we say e x t e n d e d. The tubes help in that respect. The speakers image well, super solid center-image, not a lot of “height” and a pretty good sound stage. 
Ah yes, the questions. Ive always been curious, why do bookshelves “image-better” than floors, or at least have that reputation. I would love to hear your thoughts on floor standing speakers that offer great value, have good low end (possibly no sub needed) image and present a good soundstage and with some “height”. Let’s say, used in the (4-7k) range.  I’ve always felt, my bookshelves never really added any real “height”. I close my eyes and often wish the speakers center image was taller. That the vocals were coming down to me rather than straight across from the top of my audio rack. Is there such a thing? Any thoughts about component upgrades? Thanks again for the input!
Why don't you go with the upstairs and treat the room?

I strongly, strongly encourage you to solve your acoustics issues first, which will make you want to make entirely different choices.

Talk to GIK acoustics.